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  • Just the Shiney Dogs, Ash's Pikachu, and the Dragonite. I don't really have much else. I have a Latios from the SoulSilver too if you're interested in that.
    Yeah you can take the berries off, I just took Entei's just in-case lol. I am getting Black when it comes out.
    Hahah, all is good thar, mate! and thanx. the display pic/avatar do kinda give that 'cool' impression I guess :p Nice meeting you in any case.

    I can't remember if we decided on what you wanted from me. Did you want the Dragonite or one of the shinnies/or ash's pikachu? And I'll be on for the rest of the day now so hopefully I won't miss when you get on again.
    Missed you yesterday, just send me a PM or something if you want to trade today. I end classes early so I'll be available whenever. Ttyl! :)
    Ah, same for me, although I've stopped playing it again because uni makes me too busy...I'm getting pokemon black after my exams are over :D I'll have three months off then, yay~~~~~
    When's your next holiday? :)
    Ok i don't mind for once because i realy want one.

    Can you give me your fc and nick + a gmt time you can be on
    Hi, thanks for the friend request, though I'm not sure if we've met before (I've stopped being a regular poster on this forum long time ago, you see) :)
    Hey, I'm back at the dorms and ready to trade when you are. My friend's Dragonite is lvl 78 and serious nature. He'll be in the wifi room with me if you want the Dragonite and if you do I'll trade him really quick. I'll bring everything else with me unless you know what you want?
    That info isn't available to me currently. My DS is back at my dorm room and I will check after my class today, it is actually a friend of mine's pokemon but they are willing to give it to me to trade. I would just have to check after my last class today which will be soon.
    I'll be off for a short time today, just until my next class starts and then I'll be back on. I'm online everyday and I get email updates if someone messages me also. If for some reason I'm not on my laptop I can check via phone.
    No, I don't have any ev trained, I just recently learned what that it. Got a Dragonite from friend if you're interested in that. Otherwise just the shiny dogs and that Pikachu I mentioned before and I wouldn't mind getting a hacked for one of those.
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