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  • Ok so you are 3 hours ahead from the forum time and Im 4 hours behind well dont knwo just tell me a time and I'll try to be there exept today and tomorrow cause ill work at night
    New year's resolution? =)

    Oh right! I think I looked at you because I saw you as one of the last people who happened to click on my profile ^_^ I like following random things up :D How come you've been gone so long?
    It went okay but we got stuck at the south coast of England, couldn't afford the ferry :/

    But now I'm back at uni and it's all awesome and fun :D Have a posh dinner tonight and a big party on Saturday, whoopee! Got anything nice planned yourself?

    And thanks for the friend request! ^_^
    wow sorry I kind of left out after posting really sorry if you want we can try tomorro around 8PM forum time just let me know
    sure just need to know what time you can come online cause I'm 4 hours earlier than the forum hours my time right now as I post is 3pm so we need to make an arrangement to do it at a time that we both are surely to be online
    Ooh gym. I only go to the gym back at home, could really do with it now xD But uni takes up a lot of time, not surprised you aren't doing much else :3

    well right now Im working on some problem with the internet which i fixed yesterday and today is back at it but Ill let you know if I fixed it if you want to try right now my FC is 4383-9936-5671
    Hi there! Sorry I didn't reply for a while, I've been hitch-hiking around England for charity xD

    I'm okay thanks, a bit tired and lots of work to do though. You? :)

    Link is in my sig (my ingame name).

    For the trade forum, go to the index and scroll down to 4th gen. Under one of the wi-fi sections, there should be a subsection called "trade forum".
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