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  • Your request is ready at Frozen Requiem Art Shoppe.
    I posted it both there and on clan thread.
    Well, I'll show you here too:
    Hey, you use xat right? I can make you a custom avatar (with Rayquaza!)...
    Go to fan art shop Frozen Requiem Art Shoppe and order if you want...
    Hay, I'd like to point you towards this thread. It's called the Time Out, basically a place for ASBers to chill and post about anything. It doesn't have much activity which is why I'm trying to go around and tell newbies that a thread like that exists.
    The link u gave me for the trainer in your pose is broken. I'm assuming its the same one as the other, no?
    Lapy and Tropy aren't available for Level 1 Trainers in ASB, I'm afraid. You'll have to get rid of them from your squad. Use the Pokemon Level Acquisitions page of the PASBL Website to find Pokemon that are available at your level.
    Just started school so a little distracted at the moment. It'll get done eventually. If you need to have your Pokémon official, you can just post in Sigless until I approve sigs.
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