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    This is the deck I've been destroying everyone with, and since nobody in my area really has primal groudons I'm using japanese primal groudons as proxies. The strategy behind the deck is straight forward, start wobbuffet if you can then hide behind wobb, silent lab and robo's until you can start...
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    Essentially this is a deck building website at the same time allowing you to bounce ideas off of other players so you can build a deck that works against multiple decks. http://energysearch.me/
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    theme deck ideas

    I would never go after a trainer base and think that more needs to be put into it with the same theme deck, though I would go the route of the red genesect collection, mewtwo and darkrai boxes where you get half of what is considered staple supporters and trainers into your deck support and...
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    What was in you last booster?

    So pre-release was today, I pulled 2-2 ariados, 3 forest of giant plants, 2 ace trainer and people gave my cottonee and whimsicott saying (we know your strategy) fair, but who's gonna use it consistently to shut you down? This guy with the heart of the cards. I also pulled yeah... I don't want...
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    That depends on which one you go to and the condition/value of the card after they grade it, here is a comprehensive guide to grading and top sites to consider for grading http://www.cardboardconnection.com/comprehensive-guide-card-grading
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    Pokemon card collections

    I would like to see everyones pokemon card collections, weather it's just favorite sections in there binders or favorite cards it would be a nice thing to look at considering the pulls I see people get out of there booster packs I do build a lot of prior worlds decks/own pre-made worlds decks...
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    Pieshk@ I was wondering if I could get set names beside each one, here's the cardex http://www.serebii.net/card/dex/ TherandomOtaku@ Those are, annoying, stickers. I got a few at a states a year ago and began to stick them on everything once I found out they had no real value at the time, they...
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    Breaking emeralds for a living (colourless mega rayquaza EX and shaymin EX+ more)

    All the hype is for decks like night march, bats, those kinds of things, Ray/shay seems to be the under rated and the over priced list of the format, though that isn't 100%. I tend to think that if the few players that find how destructive the decklist is decides not to hype it assume that the...
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    Summer's almost here (cheap decklist under 100$ for LC's)

    At this point and time people are either amping up for nationals or for my case here in Canada are pretty much done with there season and have no valid reason to do anything until worlds or after july 10th-15th where the season gets reset and we can try again next year (this time I might not...
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    Official "How Rare/How Much Is My Card Worth" Thread

    zombiepm3@ 6th edition, I don't think I've ever heard of that term before, do you know what set it's from? jam1jam@ the sad thing about foreign cards is there value seems to be lower then English cards, especially Japanese cards, if you can't find it online is because the market for it is...
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    LTC banned

    Hmm, deck out decks aren't that much of a threat, 6 ko's against weak pokemon and losing max 24 cards, not a big deal, and since we played in an LTC format the knowledge of decking out to saving yourself is some pretty powerful knowledge. Idk, Toad was starting to be the only play other then a...
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    Favorites: how to use and abuse them

    This thread is something special and different, and it is basically as it sounds. The purpose of this is to pick any card you have as your favorite and depending on weather you'd like to stick by the year in which it was fully rotated in or keep it pretty casual in unlimited play, figure out...
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    Water Deck - Build 1.2

    Empoleon, or 3-3 double attaché whiscash.
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    Water Deck - Build 1.2

    If you'd like you can combo diving draw with tasting slurpuff, a stage 1 fairy tech card that lets you draw 1 card per turn, 2 cards if in the active position. I would definitely suggest thickening up your pokemon lines, adding more draw and search trainer cards go a long way in setting things...