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Last Activity:
May 13, 2013
Feb 10, 2011
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Vendidurt was last seen:
May 13, 2013
    1. Kevin24
      no i was just lisiting what is counted as proof.
    2. FairyWitch
      yeah green on dragonite is pretty strange but i do have it still...glad to see your back though :) also venididurt i left a message for you bictac never has his green light on...he on invisible mode...
    3. FairyWitch
      unfortually no i haven't ev trained it and leveled it up at all yet...i will though for fun battles :) i have a shiny dragonite someone gave me though that is flawless that is already trained...that dratini though is still special ^_^ and it was ayana im pretty sure...
    4. FairyWitch
      well hello my friend how it going still have that dratini you breeded me :) thank you for it...
    5. Hayate Ayasaki
      Hayate Ayasaki
      Communication problems :L would you mind resetting your router and ds and I'll do the same?
    6. Ísjaki
      hey vendi, come back :3
    7. Ausgirl
      What nature is your fall2010 Mew? See my trade shop for what I can offer.
    8. SasakiThePikachu
      Hiya! Are you free to trade the Eevee now? :)
    9. FairyWitch
      hey did you leave dracena? cuaz you posted in the gentleman's clan but kots says your not in the clan yet...sorry looking at there thread cuaz we may be waring with them...
    10. FairyWitch
      yeah i noticed i haven't got yelled at either but i am gunna change it soon so i can take the userbar out at least...I change my sig alot so maybe thats why i don't get infracted not sure why some people get targeted but others don't :/
    11. FairyWitch
      aww man that sucks sorry to hear...I haven't got infracted yet for anything else besides the time i first joined and quad posted in the shiny thread by accident...
    12. FairyWitch
      thats cool sweetie glad to hear that you got a cool vulpix ;) I have a shiny kingdra :) its cool...hope you get your mamo and kingdra :)
    13. FairyWitch
      yep i can rng breed only so far...im working a request right now for someone thats was in y clan but he left to help someone out but will be back later...if i get a chance i can get some shinies if you like for competitive battle :) My recent was a dw shiny vulpix hidden power ground :)
    14. FairyWitch
      no sadly just learned to rng for my clan and competive battle mostly...I may mm for something in the summer though not sure for old time sakes...I really miss everyone when i first joined serebii...our little shiny group lol...
    15. FairyWitch
      hey vendidurt hows it going ;) hows it been with the shiny hunting :)
    16. Kevin24
      all female dw starters are hacks. They were only released as male.
    17. FairyWitch
      yeah i know what you mean :)
    18. FairyWitch
      hey sweetie hows it going?...long time no see...we will be waring with your clan soon :)
    19. Jefko
      when you want to trade?
    20. suicune lover
      suicune lover
      Just so you know, posting with [tr] really annoys everyone, and I had my signature removed due to that. Thought you should know :\
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