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Venia Silente
Last Activity:
Aug 25, 2019 at 4:34 PM
Nov 29, 2008
Likes Received:
Home Page:
2 QPU to the left.
PEFE Researcher

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Venia Silente

[](int x){return x;}, from 2 QPU to the left.

Venia Silente was last seen:
Viewing forum Fan Fiction, Aug 25, 2019 at 4:34 PM
    1. LadyTriox
      Interesting profile!
      1. Venia Silente
        Venia Silente
        Why, thanks! Now I need to restore it to its greatness post-Serebii migration~
        Apr 2, 2018
      2. Venia Silente
        Venia Silente
        And there, done... though I think I'll still need to ask the staff if they are going to recover some of the old formatting options.
        Apr 8, 2018
        LadyTriox likes this.
      3. LadyTriox
        Hi there! Want to follow me? I notice you haven't followed me yet, and you seem like someone I could get along with :)
        May 5, 2018
    2. Firebrand
      Oh, thank you so much! It's always nice to get little notes like that!
    3. icomeanon6
      Your user title is hilarious. You gotta go claim your millions of dollars with that, lol.

      Also I'm on Serebii now, w00t.
    4. Sike Saner
      Sike Saner
      Giovanni needs an Alolan persian to go with the one he's already got. They can flank him while he's sitting in his bossly boss chair.
    5. Sike Saner
      Sike Saner
      Gawrsh... Well that certainly makes me smile.

      And yeah, ten years. Hopefully my next one won't take quite so long. XP
    6. Negrek
      It's Vimperator, although I don't know how useful you'll find it if you're not already familiar with Vim.
    7. Negrek
      Not a browser issue, actually; I use an extension that re-binds most keys so I can surf without using a mouse. It works fine with 99.999% of the internet, but Google Docs HATES it. I rarely have a reason to use Docs, so it's not a big deal. Anyway, a pastebin or PM would work great!
    8. Negrek
      Nice! I look forward to seeing what you've been doing with it. Unfortunately Google Docs doesn't work very well with my browser, but if you have any teasers in a different format I'd love to see them. (Or maybe you're close to just posting the thread itself at this point, lol.)
    9. Umbramatic
      Seishirou stalking a poor unsuspecting berry. :P
    10. Umbramatic
      Nuuuuuuuuuu D:

      (But glad you liked! Though Serebii does have a rate thread function, IIRC?)

      (EDIT: Aaaaaparently it's disabled on the main fic boards. Which makes it an even bigger mystery why they don't do that with the swear filter. :/)
    11. Umbramatic
      Well, obviously. :P
    12. Umbramatic
      yes this needs to happen so bad
    13. Umbramatic
      oh dear god no
    14. Umbramatic
      Bug/Flying Delta Charizard confirmed for your home turf? :P
    15. Umbramatic
      Well, duh. o3o

      (I'm hoping so too!)
    16. Umbramatic
      So, I figured you'd approve of this on multiple levels.
    17. Umbramatic
      Tangent showed me the log, is how I knew. >:P
    18. Umbramatic
      Oh you, Nick Elty. :P
    19. Negrek
      Oh, sounds interesting! I'll look forward to learning more when you actually post it (or the preview), then. XD
    20. Negrek
      Oh, sorry, I meant what pokémon you would be using in Interim, not for an interview... Although it'll feature human characters as well, eh? Interesting.
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  • About

    Home Page:
    2 QPU to the left.
    PEFE Researcher
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Worldbuilding. Did I also mention the worldbuilding?

    I like playing videogames, reading about computer sciences and mythology (strange combo), etc...


    [​IMG] THE SUOCÉVERSE -- Official Wiki

    [Serebii Publications]
    Playfield Built for RiskNidoran romance~Overlord
    Simpler than MagicPMD:GTI ficletForever Catch 〉 Interim [drafting]

    » More Info «
    Serebii Catalog ÷ AO3 catalog

    Coming Up
    Secret Project 2019 -- Interim -- Built for Risk [The Miniseries] -- untitled hyperfiction

    Can help with: character development; cameos in my works
    Can't help with: getting rich fast™ schemes; Java programming.