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Venia Silente

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  • Ooh, intriguing. I imagine it'll be another pokémon-POV story? Any hints on what pokémon it stars?

    Anyway, glad you're enjoying the thread! I can't take credit, though, I just ripped the idea off from an old thread at PC and changed some of the questions. XD
    Ah, gotcha. Sounds like fun! We used to have a thread for that kind of thing way, way back, but I think it would also be fine if you posted it as a thread of your own, too. You can always ask a moderator if you want a more definite answer.

    So I take it you have another story in the works...?
    Heh, well, it's definitely the standard coloration, since it's just the default shiny sprite from the avatar gallery. The orange eyes are a little freaky, though! If I were able to use a custom avatar, I'd use a shiny slugma with green eyes instead.

    You're totally allowed to post trailers/previews in the AC, as long as you post an actual excerpt from the story and not just a teaser summary/character bios/other non-story content. (Although you can post those too, if you include a scene along with.) Here are a couple examples from years past.
    ¿Porqué no los todos? One at a time, of course. XD I think Persian would be a really fun one to do, but I don't think I'm familiar with Baluarkos, and it would be neat to see an interview from a character I don't know.

    You think the slugma's creepy? That's a new one on me. A lot of people don't like slugma, but I don't think I've ever heard someone say it creeped them out!
    Of course!

    You can frame it however you like--it could be one pokémon asking questions of another, or there could be some kind of pokémon-to-human translation involved, etc.
    I'd say I'm jealous of your weather, but it is also sunny and nice here now. XD At least, it is for the time being. I'm not exaggerating when I say that, in my state, it's not surprising to see snow and hot temperatures in the same day. ...No matter what season it's supposed to be.

    So we do. XD I don't pay particular attention to those. I think what's getting the most attention right now is the voting primaries.
    Hasn't it only been a day? :p But fair enough, been a while since I've VMed with someone anyway.

    Doing good, last week before this period's exams. Actually kinda glad the exams are so soon. With three courses this period has been a lot busier for me than I would have liked.

    And thanks, he's one of my favorite Pokemon characters though you probably already knew that at this point :p Best Wishes had a lot of great characters overall though.
    Don't think I've ever talked to someone on the internet from Chile before. Awesome. XD I think Serebii's fanfic section has the most diverse community compared to other forums. Seems I'm one of the very few people who lives in the US.
    XD You're welcome. Ngl, from start to finish, I kinda found it hilarious, just because I was endlessly entertained by how ridiculous a wild animal's courtship rituals are from the perspective of the wild animal.
    Oh? XD I'm wondering where you live now, because it's certainly not summer where I live. And also, I lol'd. That was a clever joke, I must say. XD
    Life is busy and such, eh? I do appreciate you taking the time to read it, and I hope you'll enjoy any future letters you decide to read.
    Thanks. Well I wanted to get more people to see your fic, so that was one way. I need to catch back up on that myself; I've just got lots of projects going on now and if I have time to review, I like to help the new guys.
    Thank you. I wanted to vote in the awards myself, but I haven't had time to read too many other fan fics lately. I wish that there were other nominees though. It's kinda bittersweet to win when your character is the only on in the category.
    Disculpa, no había revisado los mensajes antes. Yo soy de Santiago. ¿Cómo te fue con el terremoto? Acá en Santiago no fue tan devastador, pero hay sectores muy dañados de todos modos.

    Y sí, es bueno encontrar coterráneos por aquí :D
    Thanks. I wanted to make Paco's Spanish blend in well with everything that he says. Luckily, I did well in Spanish class, so that helps. It's not too difficult if you're familiar with the sentence structure.

    And yes, I've been busy. You'd think that tons of snow taking you out of school would help you out, but when you're applying to scholarship programs and honors colleges, not to mention having to dig out your house. I'll have to see about reading your stuff sometime. Oh, and if you want to, you can nominate The Light in the Darkness for some fan fiction awards.

    Sorry, had to get the last plug in. :D
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