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Venia Silente

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  • I wrote it out of anger, actually, after losing to Wallace for the third time. I literally had his last Pokemon at my mercy, but then he used a Full Restore and destroyed my entire team... And I began to wonder what was going on in his devious little mind, and I began to write. Haha. I'm glad you liked my one-shot anyway :)
    Yeah, I saw that. Thanks for the review. As you noticed, I am extremely busy at times. Heck, I didn't get back from school today until 9 pm, due to theatre. I've just had little time to write and the times I do have to write, I'm usually so beat that I cannot think.
    I have decided to put you at the Respected Programmer status level. Sample code should show that you know the syntax of the language, so a basic Hello World program for example will do. Doesn't have to be anything fancy.
    Haha, well I remembered you from the Whirl Cup and decided to check out your fic. It is really good. And about that Scyther entry, the three characters in it (Skyra, Miguel, and Camilla) have become great favorites of mine.
    Got it up faster than I expected. Didn't really have much editing to do when it came down to it. Still, I'm not complaining.
    Well... oh yes. Rules. Funny things, them. I'm going to edit it a bit first, shape it up a tad, and then post it. So... it'll take it a week to get off the ground at max... hopefully. If it gets rejected here I'll try PC again.

    :( Sadly that's what happens to most RPs.
    Sure, why not?

    Anyways, I told you I was interested in restarting the 24 roleplay, right? But I feel like branching out a bit so... would you have any objections if I posted it on Serebii instead?
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