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Last Activity:
Jan 7, 2018
Jun 3, 2010
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Ace Trainer, from Croatia

venom1950 was last seen:
Jan 7, 2018
    1. dragontamer44722
      I don't really care. I'll be on in a second.
    2. dragontamer44722
      no nothings wrong with it xD Since you are on, wanna trade for the Manectite? I've got it ready.
    3. dragontamer44722
      for the next one thats what I'll do, but I wanted to get up the thread as soon as possible and you weren't on so....yeah. I did think of it.
    4. varanus_komodoensis
      If you requested something in my shop, it's because I started a new job a couple of weeks ago and I'm really busy and my trade shop requests are now going to be almost exclusively on nights and weekends. There are a lot of people who haven't been added to the first page, but I know that I have to add them.
    5. dragontamer44722
      thanks. I get so many pms anymore I lose track of what I need to keep xD
    6. dragontamer44722
      I honestly don't care. I can't trade since I'm at work but I'll be around tomorrow. Also, do you still happen to have the large tournament banner? I deleted the pm you had originally sent to me with the url in it.
    7. dragontamer44722
      and I completely forgot I told you I'd get you a Manectite, so you still need one?
    8. dragontamer44722
      I am still tossing that idea around but for what I am hoping to do I don't want to do that. I may actually take the Pokémon Kingdom tournament and do what I wanted with it.
    9. dragontamer44722
      hey, I can get you a Manectrite if you need one. Let me know ok?
    10. varanus_komodoensis
      I don't think I did; I'm sorry. What did it say?
    11. dragontamer44722
      in doubles at least xD I've made seperate teams for both styles since then. The team you know of is now my doubles team, whereas my singles team s now different, though not completely. Three of my pokemon are the same, but one fighter and my wildcards are different now.
    12. dragontamer44722
      and if you wanted to do the Fire gym thats fine with me! You should ask Helio. You could be my apprentice for now, but when you get a fire team going you could switch.
    13. dragontamer44722
      I like that name, I couldn't think of anything witty myself so that fits perfectly. and I'm online, ready and waiting :)
    14. dragontamer44722
      veeeeeenom.......I'm still heeeeeeere xD
    15. dragontamer44722
      only if you wanted to, considering you and I fought over my position in the past I figured it would be fitting ;D Also, I can trade you the Eevee now if you are ready.
    16. dragontamer44722
      also, its going to be singles for our next tourney, so put your creative mind to work for our banner if you please :)
    17. dragontamer44722
      sorry I missed you this morning, I swear I'll get the Eevee to you someday xD
    18. metalman6423421
      i do this and look at my email on chrome
    19. metalman6423421
      oh because i was back
    20. metalman6423421
      does anyone think that i am not back
      because i am back
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    Hello! My name's venom1950 aka. venom11 aka. sea_dog.

    I am from a little country known as Croatia.
    I finished Economics high school.
    I'm studying logistics and management in shipping on Faculty of Maritime studies in Rijeka.
    In Rijeka, I live with 3 friends in an apartment, but I'm from a town called Labin and there I live with my Mom and step-father and over the weekends with my Father and step-mother.

    I got into Pokemon when I got Pokemon Yellow back in 2000.
    I own Yellow,Gold,Ruby,Emerald,Fire Red,Black and X, but I have played every generation.
    I started battling competitively in Pokemon X. I tend to battle with my favourite pokemon.
    My top 7 favourite pokemon are:
    1. Graveler
    2. Swampert
    3. Crobat
    4. Metagross
    5. Lucario
    6. Galvantula
    7. Aegislash

    Other then Pokemon, my favourite video game franchises are Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect, Borderlands and Fallout.
    As you can see I like RPG games.
    I played Battlefield 3 competitively with my clan Foxtrot Platoon, but not anymore as they started playing bf4 on ps4 and I haven't bought it.

    I mostly listen to hard rock, heavy metal, trance, house, synthwave and trip-hop.

    I like graphic design, which I started to self-learn.

    Other then video games,music and graphics design, I like: cars, swimming, diving, cooking and history.

    I'm afraid of heights...like really really afraid. Ironically, I live on 10th floor of a 26 stories high flat. :D
    But I'm ok with that. As long as fence is higher then my chest I'm ok with looking down. :D

    Well this is all I can think of now. Who cares anyway as these thing no one reads. :p

    Cars,vidya games,summer stuff,music,graphics design


    FC: 2294-4517-3671 (IGN: Alen)
    Psychic friend safari:
    :517: ;202; :575:
    Pokegym League gym badges earned:
    Astral-Shadow and The-Under for the frontier userbar
    and Turpoo for the battle reef userbar
    and Azulart for the gym badges