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  • I don't have my base updated just yet, it only has basic stuff. I'm going through AS now, and once I finish it then i'll send it to you ok?
    Hi Venom. I read a while ago you're breeding for Onix. Did you do it? Do you think you have a spare perfect 5iv one I can trade w/?
    depending on when it is, you may be better off doing it the day before, since I might not be around to participate depending on my work schedule.
    I couldn't open up the shop anyway if they knew I was powersaving things, so I wouldn't jeopardize that. As it was, to be safe I asked a mod if cloning was considered hacked, since it isn't I'm in the clear.
    I kinda have mixed feelings about that. The Dream ball Aegislash is a definite no, but I'm not too sure how I'd feel about technically ok pokemon that are not caught or bred. Either way I don't know how to do it so I'm not worried.
    Yeah, I don't know how to powersave, and based on how I understand it its kinda cheating so I don't want to do it that way.
    more like temperamental. Sometimes it goes really quick, other times it takes days. They put up patches (i had to get rid of them for my games) that made it impossible in XY but I'm not sure if ORAS is the same.
    I've also had my head buried in OR xD Haven't tried cloning there yet but I figure that if I can't I just won't be able to clone the new items, which isn't so bad.
    I haven't done it just yet. I was hoping to get a few more pokemon to have available but the person I typically get my shinies from has run out so I intend to do it today at some point.
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