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  • I started with Treecko. I'm using Mudkip in AS since I didn't have a shiny water type to send over, and I'd like to get the Swampertite. I'm not sure about the wild shiny thing, but I haven't tried for it.
    happy to hear you're liking it. Just stated up AS, I sent all my level one shinies that I've been too lazy to train over so I can go through it with them xD Start with Mudkip?
    Well its a week long thing, more than likely you won't have to battle. It's just an incase thing, we also have two other people that can sub ahead of you if anything.
    I need ur help I just need a Victini to complete the national dex please help I'm almost there
    not too sure. they managed to stop the way I normally do it in X/Y, but it doesn't really matter, if I can't I can't xD Hope your game comes early for you
    like i said, no rush. I'm not gonna be in any rush to do clonign requests with the new games out. speaking of which, i wonder if I even can in ORAS
    its what I do with my Y version with X as my main. I might ultimately send everything over to ORAS but for now I'd like to have a game where I can MM if I want to.
    decided to get both instead of the new smash. I typically buy goth so I can play one to absolute completion and restart the other for the fun of it.
    haven't gotten far yet, but I'm really liking it so far. If you've played the previous ones theres stuff you'll recognize, its a nice touch.
    Hey, I have a favor to ask of you. I'd liek to open up a trade shop and I'd like a banner as a header, but all the art shops aren't taking requests at the moment and quite frankly I'm impatient xD If you have the time, since I know you have school going on, would you be willing to do one for me?
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