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  • *Leaving message ahead of time*

    Hey Venomfrog, if you get the time, I have written a little snippet of a fan fiction I will probably never write. It is the one I told you about earlier. It contains a spoiler, but I would really like to show it to you sometime.
    I don't get it . :0

    Anyway, the major change between the 4th gen and 5th gen breeding relationships is that the Mineral breeding group is more involved. Also, that darn ancient lizard bird "aaken" is part of the Water 3 group, which makes no sense. I had to repeat Water 3 on the chart.
    Yo, what up frawg?

    Anyway, I guess you can be one of the people to see my breeding circle here.

    Basically, any two groups that have a line between them have a Pokemon with both of those groups and anything inside the circle is connected to both Water 1 and Ground.
    I would like to see Steven; here's why...

    He gives you a Beldum which becomes the awesome Metagross.

    He gives someone the honor of a King's Rock which can be used to get Politoed or Slowking, two very cool Pokemon.

    BTW, since the fifth gen has been revealed, it would be great if we got more conversation in Herptile Haven.
    I like the fully evolved Water and Grass starters. The fully evolved forms of the plant bug and Meguroko. I like the fossil turtle. I like the Dragon/Ice Legendary. The frog was a given, and who doesn't like the electric spider?
    Congratulations on beating the E4 and Cynthia! I see you choose to evolve Eevee into an Espeon. A good choice.

    Your strategy was well though out. I personally didn't use a team for the E4. I was in a hurry so I only trained my starter, an Empoleon and swept. Milotic was my hardest opponent. It would constantly heal with Full Restore when I was just going to finish it off. Extremely frustrating. Thankfully, I got a lucky critical hit from Flash Cannon.
    I wouldn't call it luck but more strategy. You knew Rollout got stronger every turn didn't you? You probably planned it without realising.

    If you want a Glaceon, you will have to wait a while. Icy Rock is very far from where you are currently and Eevee might unitentionally evolve into Espeon while training.

    My account is activated! :D
    Thank you. I know it's long but I hate Whitney's Miltank with an everlasting passion.

    My battle(s) with Lance are not so epic. The first time I battled him I mopped the floor with him using my Alison(Feraligatr). I OHKO'd everything except Gyarados.

    That's a decent team you've got so far. Can I suggest you add a Grass type to your team? It would form a FWG core which is very helpful for team synergy. I've had great success with Roserade.

    EDIT: Still no e-mail. What's taking so long?
    That is amazing. I personally don't like Rollout because I find it misses more often that I would like. You're very luckily you go the fifth turn, where it's power is at it's highest, and KO'd the pink beast of doom that is the bain of oh so many soft resets.

    On my 3rd playthrough, I had a specific strategy for taking on Whitney. I caught a female Abra. This is quite specific so I'll do it in steps:

    -Catch female Abra
    -Train to level 16
    -Evolve into Kadabra
    -Train to level 18 and learn Disable
    -Teach it Taunt

    Because Kadabra is female it isn't affected by Attract. With Disable, it can easily stop either Rollout or Stomp and Taunt will prevent Milk Drink from healing it.

    I'm very sorry for rambling on. Not meaning to bore you.
    Greetings, Venomfrog. :)

    My second semester of Graphic Design started about one month ago. Actually, I was wrong about the date for Semester 2 to start in my previous message. It was in fact 2nd August instead of mid-July. >_<
    So far, I am doing fine. I can handle the assignments. Malaysia has just celebrated her 53rd Independence Day on 31st August. Starting from next Friday, there will be a one week break for Semester 2 students like me.

    Congratulations on your effort to finish Sea Cottage. I can understand that it is not easy to complete a long fiction.

    I do think that the Gen V Grass starter has the potential to get Dragon as its secondary type in its final evolution form. Though, if this becomes true, there will be another Dragon-type Pokemon that is 4x weak to Ice. :p Also, another final evolution form of a Grass starter which has 4x Ice weaknesses, other than Torterra.
    I personally think it Tsutajara will be a pure grass evolution. Pokabu, I think Fire/Ground but no idea on Mijumara.

    It says I have to have my account activated by an admin. I've received the email, I've done the account activation key and logged in but it still won't let me do anything. It's aggravating :/
    I feel sorry for the otter too. It would be ironic if it was the in fact the best one in terms of competitive battling. That's what happens to me.

    I disliked Mudkip. I though it would be a terrible Pokemon. It's final evolution, Swampert, is considered an amazing lead, sturdy wall and a reliable stealh rock user. What are the odds?

    I've joined Pokemon X now and a currently reading the story from scratch. I know this seems perculiar but it's nice to refresh to your memory.
    I have been doing well. The fifth generation could not come soon. Yes, brocolli monkey is awesome. Deal with it.

    I'm probably going to choose Po(r)kabu as my starter. I always choose the fire starter first. What Pokemon do you like?

    I'm currently waiting registration to the forum you directed me to so I can read the rest of the story :)
    How are you doing Venomfrog?

    I'm doing fine myself. Is there a certain Pokemon from the latest issue of Coro Coro you like? I, myself, like Gochiruzeru, the Celestrial Body Pokemon that looks gothic.
    ...Leaving message...
    Herptile Pokemon of the Week has been largely unsucessful. I was wondering if you had any ideas to increase activity. I know we could probably advertise it, but any ideas would be helpful. Since there were no posts, I will extend Ivysaur's bask in glory for at least another week. I want to apologize again for not telling you up front about me officially creating the thread. Here is hoping to the best.
    One more message...

    I have to apologize yet again. You probably didn't realized that I set it up on as you requested. I should have told you that I've done so. I was going on assumption, so it probably was created without you knowing.
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