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  • Evenin' Ventus *waves*


    Permission to know what your real name is? It would make it so much easier.
    Well, you're a grade ahead of me, apparently. I'm from North Carolina, though, so I doubt that we'd be at the same school, much less the same state/country/county.
    Nothing much. I am looking for sprites of Mario & Luigi RPG 3. I really wanted a picture of Dark Fawful in my signature. I already own the game :3
    This is just for the record, Hakuryu did not make my profile picture, I did. And your new icon/profile picture really does look better than your last one. ^^
    =l I was listening to dark music and I wanted to make a poem for the ghost/dragon Pokemon, Giratina 8D!

    Crimson Awakening:

    Standing on a wall of grief,
    The foolish god of the thief,
    A spectral dragon of black,
    Courageously takes the first attack.

    The humans drink their poison wine,
    with nothing but their own life to dine,
    A black dahlia hides hesitantly,
    While her dragon's rozen thorns roar darkly,

    Imbecilles, hippocrates,
    Foolish aristocrats,
    Bribery and corruption,
    Their actions reveal a devistating deduction.

    Black wings fill the night,
    As a violin's melody rings with dark delight,
    A fool's god hides with fright,
    As the world's wings shift right.
    Oh right, and yep, always frustrating when you find that what you are after isn't in stock. Well, good luck to ya with it ^_^
    Well, it depends I guess. I burnt of alot of the skin on my back, strained my right wrist and did something to my right knee, so it now requires me to wear a protective sleeve. Epic fail?
    Oh my flippin god, are you actually on? Well, better make the most of it.

    Hai *waves* It's been a while, hasn't it?
    Blonde. lalalalalalala i'm dumb lalalalalalala

    Hmm...questions. Are you Michael Jackson? I'm not going to be your prey! :3
    Wow... That sucks.

    Yeah, I used to have to get my hair cut at beauty schools.... so all of the hairdressers lacked experience.... :/ But that was a long long time ago when I had to do that. lol...
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