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  • Flower's Tears (Part 1)

    Merciless ice fills the monstrous night,
    black and white distort my sight,
    the bitter wind screams sadness,
    where is a beloved gardener's caress?

    The moon hidden by clouds,
    while misery manifests in the wind's sounds,
    My buds bravely resist, fueled by a soft light,
    A distressed princess, where is her guarding knight?

    Grant me that power,
    so that I can live until the winter is over,
    grant me that happy optimism,
    shall I throw away this deathly skepticism?
    My hair is a brown/blond color.

    I really don't have any hair coloring advice because 1) I don't know what you look like and 2) I don't want to give you advice for a wrong color.
    Wow, college. I'm growing up too fast. Just 2 hours and 51 minutes ago, it seems I was being dismissed from school in 7th grade.

    Ah, but those times must be long behind me now.
    Ice Castle

    Soft snow glows white,
    as the blue moon fills the musical night,
    the white bird serenades his mistress,
    upon a castle created with caress,
    the wings of song,
    flap gently along.

    Happily and sadly,
    the duo dances amiably,
    A sleeping snow palace,
    sans a long gone Alice,
    You're older than me by a few months. Do you mean more mature or more childish than thirteen? Thrashmeister actually believed I was in my twenties for a while, until I spoke something about having recess at school.
    It's ok if you respond late, I think we are on 2 different timezones
    I'm three steeps happy, four steps screwed up in the head ><
    So how are yoooooooooooou?

    Here is a random poem for you, lol

    Your a very good friend
    Even trough rain
    But you'll need head medication
    To stop all the pain
    And soon you'll want more
    Like the deliciousness of s'mores
    Your piggy bank will be broke
    And you'll hit rock bottom
    You'll be thrown in a bin
    And you'll need a kavorkian scarf
    When the depression kicks in

    ((Feel free to rip out your eyes after reading this very,VERY, bad poem))
    Well, since I haven't built the courage to post my poems up in threads yet, I'm going to just post them on my profile and see if a few people give feedback.

    Honey Rain

    Sweet little rain drop,
    Hitting the ground with a plop,
    A delicate spring scent,
    With their rythmical descent,
    Honey drops come falling,
    With a subtle magic calling,

    Umbrellas are water armors,
    flowers bud in splendid colors,
    soft gray skies let loose their soaking lullabies,
    the lush springing earth and its sky, allies.

    ((Please feel free to comment/critique))
    Were are you getting the poems ????
    Myeh, the little spider doll is better in my book
    But That poem is true as my self esteem is low
    (Sorry for giving a bad/odd/weird/crappy/ cut comment)
    OMG, if that poem wasn't bad, here's another one that's probably going to be worse! 8O

    The Suffering Doll

    Humans with lust so fickle
    I just want to slice them with a sickle
    Humans so sinful
    I'll sure give them a mouthful

    So unloyal, so unjust
    How many can I trust?
    So animalistic, so wavering,
    Where is my calling?

    Gears of time, requiems of space,
    Just where is their place.
    Reprisal and sin,
    why must they create biased din?

    I put on such a beautiful façade for children
    While my true self hides in knowledge's den
    They only seek amusement
    Unknowingly causing me torment
    For some reason, I felt like posting a cruddy poem on my profile to see if anybody would react. Here we go :O

    The Little Spider Doll

    Heart with blood stained purple, nails of crimson
    Come, amethyst confines me, a distorted horizon
    Eyes of cruelty, commands of sin
    my master's words narrow in
    to that macabre little command
    I accept sans reprimand.

    The victim slowly screams, horrified,
    as I stare with my emotionless eyes, satisfied.
    Screams echo under the red full moon,
    as crimson pours out on the reddening dune.

    I spin my black threads amiably,
    waiting for master, waiting patiently.
    I'll get hit with a red shell and slide off the edge, or lightning. I never get good item either. I'll always get green shells or bananas.
    I actually usually do good on Wario's Gold Mine, but Rainbow Road always has me near the bottom, but that's more item luck than anything.
    Yeah, but if I had to pick two I would pick Mii and Rosalina. And I've been screwed over by being pushed off stuff, especially online.
    If you want to that's fine by me.

    And I use Dry Bones for light, Mii and Yoshi for Medium, and Rosalina and occasionally Funky Kong for large, but I really don't use anyone outside of that.
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