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  • Argee we can agree to disagree. I don't love XY. I like parts of it and of course the gameplay was great even though ORAS was better in regard. As a whole package, I didn't really connect with XY as I did the other games. Or to BW for example. If they were to make a third version or paired sequel, I would want to really work on the plot and build on what I liked about XY such as AZ and the worldbuilding.
    Only three of it fives forms are usable. Each with different stats.
    I assume that a lot of the new game will be exploring the region rounding up Zygrade cells or something of that sort. Zygrade will probably be tied heavily to the plot with Team Flare wanting for some reason or another. Presumably having to do with the Ultimate Weapon and Mega Evolution. I am just guessing here.
    Yeah. I wished they would've kept the Battle Frontier if anything.
    Anyways what do you think of the new Zygarde forms? Yay, nay?
    Well haven't played it in awhile so maybe I don't know what I am talking about all I know is that I liked ORAS more than you did.
    Really, I quite beg to differ. They add a lot of things that made RSE better. The didn't do all they could've about it or add any new areas or anything but makes RSE a more of a complete package I think.
    I think ORAS really fleshed out Hoenn. Its more beautiful than ever was and it is probably the best looking Pokemon game to date. There was so much you can do.
    I don't know those are just my thoughts.
    Not to say XY were entirely without merit. I just wasn't overly fond of much of the game. Team Flare was disappointing. Everything seemed far more interesting than what we got.
    Well it haven't played RSE in so long so it was refreshing for me. I don't really care for XY that much to be honest. To me, it doesn't have a lot of replay value.
    I think XY was better the first time I played as opposed to the second. ORAS in my opininon were the better games. If simply because you had more to do and the characters were more likeable.
    Yes, very much so. Though I haven't played much of this year since I sort of feel out of Pokemon for a while. Though that isn't to say I got sick of it.
    I rather enjoyed probably some of the better Pokemon games to date. Courtney is waifu.
    Sorry I haven't been very active on this site at all really. I don't even check Serebii regularly like I used too.
    Anyways, how're you doing?
    Sim, é o que eu mais fico na espera para ver também. Adoro redesigns :p

    E bem, estou torcendo para não removerem costumização dos personagens, isso foi uma das poucas coisas legais melhores coisas de XY
    Ver-mont, há quanto tempo! Estou gostando das novidades, mas para falar a verdade, não estou acompanhando/hypando o jogo como fiz com XY. Acho melhor assim, talvez eu curta mais ORAS dessa maneira. O que acha dos remakes até agora?
    I knew you were kidding. :) Yeah, I suppose you're right. It would be nice for all of the cover mascots to have powered-up forms, and they could do some potentially really cool stuff with Ho-Oh and Lugia. Maybe expand on their backstory some more. And I do expect Xerneas and Yveltal to have Mega Evolutions (assuming that they are to get a boost), as it was their power that created the Mega Stones and enabled Mega Evolution. So it makes sense that they, too, would be able to harness that power.

    I don't feel one way or the other about all of the Starters getting Mega Evolutions, but I suppose I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

    Yep. That's exactly how I'm thinking of it. :)
    Sorry for the delay; things just kept getting away from me and I've not really had time to just sit down and type.

    I also hope that the Frontier is in. I never got to play it when I was a kid. I mean, Battle Facilities have never been my forte, but Hoenn's is just so diverse that I may like to give it a try this time.

    True, although, when you think about it, we reach almost Gen V-levels of dualism since oceans can rage and destroy while land is sturdy and composed. Or I'm just letting my mind run too far with the symbolism, which it often does. :p

    Mm, indeed. Some of them could also be Boutiques. But, alas, it seems that we've Marts. Although I guess they could be remade as more conventional, less extravagant clothing shops. Kalos is all ga-ga for fashion, but Hoenn seems like it would be more practical. No need to show off.

    Part 2 coming soon
    I like Archie's and Tabitha's new designs ^^;
    I need to see the rest of Roxanne's to judge
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