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  • So its been a while, I don't go on these forums as much anymore because usually I don't have much to say. I just go on the main page for the most part. I no longer want to part of those heated debate that literally go no where.

    Anyways, I got 3DSXL recently so my friend code changed.
    Sim, sim. Já completei o Y e agora estou pegando as Mega Stones restantes e esperando o Pokémon Bank pra pegar uns Pokés antigos meus.

    Já acabou a história principal no seu também?
    Eu estou gostando de X e Y, são os melhores jogos de Pokemon, depois de Hoenn, claro! E você, qual é sua opinião?

    Meu português é muito deficiente agora mesmo porque eu estou aprendendo espanhol na universidade. Estou confundindo as regras para cada linguagem muito. @_@
    Yeah it really is amazing. A great example would be Flabebe & Floette.
    They have different animations for Fairy wind, it's so cool!

    I don't think I need a Squirtle, but thanks :]
    But you could help me with one thing though.
    If I get a Scyther later on, I might need help evolving it to a Scizor, so you could help me with the trading part.
    That would be more than enough.

    I found myself a Charmander yesterday, and a Growlithe!
    I can't wait to see Arcanine in these games, I have quite a few if you'd want any?
    Any idea when you get access to the stone, I believe you can buy them or something?
    Hum, K, so I guess it'll work out fine, after a while, since it does have actual trades and not the Lv. 9 and below Shaymin and such.

    Yeah, that would be very difficult, although I think that someobdy will eventually open up a Mega Stone Trading Sop or somethng here anyway, because otherwise it wuld be near impossile to get them.

    Sorry for the late reply. By the way.
    Hey, Zard X is awesome for me too, but I don't know what it is about Y though..
    I think it's the more menacing look it has, reminds me of the Zards from Charific Valley in the Anime! :s
    Have you evolved your Charmander into one yet?
    Speaking of starters, I had my Ivysaur evolve just moments ago to a Venusaur, & I immediately tried it's Mega-evo.
    It was awesome, having a Mega in battle gives you this undefeatable feeling, it's really amazing!

    Yes! When I see an old mon, I'm like "Wait, have I seen you somewhere?"
    Pokemon that I'd never think of using look so much more appealing this gen, it's crazy!

    So, what's your favourite Kalosian Mon so far?
    I honestly don't know what mine is, there's just so many to chose from.

    And like I said before, as soon as I get hold of one, I'll trade it you right away.
    Even though I wouldn't mind trying it myself! xD
    Yeah, I've been taking my time. Figured I might as well explore the new world while I can. Kinda stopped going into the grass for long periods after the third badge, though xD.
    Yes. However, life is keepig me from getting anything really competitive done.
    I'm farther in my Y version than my X version, but I have finished neither of them.
    Seriously? I thought I was the only one pacing myself like a Slugma, haha.
    Well, I chose Bulbasaur, would have got Squirtle but everyone seems to be using him!
    You want both Zards, who doesn't? Well, I actually prefered Y & that's the only reason I regret chosing X.

    So, what do you think of the game? What's impressed you?
    Personally, I love XY with the graphics impressing me the most.
    Yes, it's been over a week but everytime I enter a new settlement, I see something new.
    For example, you know Coumarine City?
    I like how when you're on the Gym side of the City, towards the top right, you can see the other half of the City below, it looks beautiful. Reminds me of the Anime back when Ash & Co. arrived at Goldenrod City..

    Kalos is just great, I've also been catching 'em all, well not all of them but most of them.
    Check this out, I have almost every Bug/Flying mon there is in this game, I have around 14 Pokemon that I'm rotating in my party. This game has really made catching/battling with Pokemon so much more fun to do!

    If you really want Charizardite X, I could give it you as soon as I receive it, that is if you don't get it by then! :]
    Me neither, short games generally offer little to no repkay value.

    Meh, I'm being more or less forced to come, it's my cousin's wedding and my family is rather, well, uh...

    I guess, I'll guess it'll be full of Flethcling or such hoping to get good stuff, although there will be good stuff, of course.

    I know, which will really hurt completionism, and because of it, Mega Houndoom, Manectric, Tyranitar, and Aggron are pret much impossible to et because the Pokémon are Version Exclusive to the wrong Mega Stone Exclusive Game.
    K, finishing it takes incredibly long, though.
    Because of that and the Perfect Links and stuff, I'm still nowhere near complete.

    Yeah, it really doesn't. October came by really quickly, so I guess November will too.
    I'll have my mind on other things anyway, since I have stuff like weddings coming up anyway.

    K, most of the time, I would also help with her Movesets to cover stuff, since the Pokémon she takes generally has smilar Coverage.

    Ugh, I have the same thing. We both share a 3DS, so I'll have to rely on the GTS or Wonder Trades to finish the Dex unless I buy another 3DS (which isn't worth it).
    I think it's really good, and one of my favorite Games :p

    Meh, about November 21, not too long.
    Eh, we have the same taste in Pokémon, for the most, so it goes good.

    Yeah, we do argue a lot too, although I end up playing it for her from the 6th Gym onward because she'll lose interest until like the Elite Four, at which point she plays again.


    I'm also fine. I'm currently playing Pokémon Conquest while waiting for my X to show up (my sibling's Y already came though, which I'm essentially playing for them <_<)
    I would see but I don't have a lot of money. Might just battle the Elite Four again to roll up some dough.
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