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  • Was posting in the "Is your name weird" thread, and was looking at the posts, and saw yours. One thing: Cool signature.
    Yeah, no worries. Apparently a lot of people have vented their frustration at not being able to creat an account/log in/whatever here in this thread.
    Hi Vermehlo_Steele! Since you've done such a good job of debating against atheists in the past, I'd like to point you to this new debate on whether Jesus actually came back from the dead. I may need help. I don't know if you actually believe He did come back from the dead, but no doubt there will be many exaggerating atheists in that debate. If you would like to, I'd be glad of any help!
    it's not a thing. He is called The Hunter, and he is the most sexy infected human you'll ever see. ;]
    lol You weren't interrupting my sleep. I was about ready to head to bead though.

    Of the parts I've seen, I like Unova pretty well. The only problem I've seen so far is that a few of the early routes are rather small.

    Oh, I will! My class is at 8AM, I live about fifteen or so minutes away from the school, and I like to be at school a little early soooo...I'm waking up at 6am tomorrow.
    Gulliver's Travels...did you enjoy it?

    Well, since I live on the east coast of America, my day is almost over. Aside from church, I did some playin' of the Pogeymanz and some chores so that I have less to do tomorrow. I start back to school tomorrow, but it's just online work. My first on campus class is Tuesday morning.
    Ha ha, yeah it's pretty fun. At least I have White to amuse my self with.
    aww, the cat likes you. At least you don't have a puppy nearby who expresses it's adoration by piddling.

    As for Tangled, no I haven't. My lady friend and I were going to, but we went on the wrong day :S and we just saw another film instead.
    Oi. And I thought a few days of rain was bad.

    Well, right now? TheFightingPikachu's snarky cat is being weird and is trying to lick the underarms of the shirt I'm wearing.

    Also, we got a copy of the movie Tangled recently. Have you seen it?

    I don't think I seriously believed the Debate Thread would argue most of those points - except for the value of prayer. Religion seems to SPPF's Kryptonite.

    Maybe the safety of nuclear energy? That would not be a bad thread to start. I'm happy the thread was closed. It showed me SPPF has class.
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