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  • All I can think of when reading Nina is Rise. Except it's more tragic.
    Huh, you’re right actually — they are kind of similar. I didn’t even think of that haha
    Not surprised. It's obviously The Little Mermaid inspired but that's what happens when I'm obsessed with something. I keep finding similarities to it in other things.
    So I posted in Persona and first, can I just say I love that Morgan is imagining that Raven is staring at her when he doesn't even notoce?

    But second, and more importantly, how do you want this to go exactly? Cause they can either keep talking...or they agree on Raven's plan and they start trying to make the stool. (And probably have shenanigans doing so)
    It absolutely is JohneAwesome xD

    I experienced both P5 and P4G through him haha, he's like inseparable from the persona series in my mind lol
    I had a feeling since I prefer his walkthrough the most so far. Except the harem part but well, memes and showing off everything.

    Agreed. Though Fither and Nyarly are more Persona Youtubers than he is imo.

    And I prefer my fav Youtuber, BigKlingy, let's play on P3FES. I'd highly recommend it since he talks of the symbolism of the main bosses, teammates and S.Links.
    Ye I'm not a fan of the harem thing either but I respect showing off everything so it's a tradeoff you have to take lol

    Thanks for the recommendations! I'll check 'em out if I ever have time ^-^
    You are important! You are important to me! And very one who think that you arent important isnt worth your love and care!
    Hey, just checking in on the Kingsworn SU. I am planning on starting in a few days, so just a head's up ^^
    I actually really like the way it reads now. Pretty much everything at the school is a mind game I suppose.
    You don't need to change it, at least not entirely, that could be legit how your char sees it. I just thought you'd like to know.
    Madame S. is never late, she arrives just when she means too. She knew it was going to take time for the students to get settled.
    I work 45 hours this week, missed work today because I passed out and haven't really felt like roleplaying. So maybe soon? Idk it's not really a huge thing on my mind at the moment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Hey, sorry for the bother, just a wanted a check up on your SU and if you are still interested ^^
    your request has been made please pick up your texture banner at lunar subterrane graphics and hope to see you again :3
    Yeah, they would appear from a side tunnel and Sullivan would, if he stayed far enough behind. The tunnel is pretty long. So it'll take a bit until Caliburn and Hansel reach the wyrm group. I was thinking Daniel and Ana were still like near the room with the wyrm, so no.
    Once Charred makes some progress eventually Lanaya's supposed to feel uh "A new life something really ancient" or something whatever Charred told me so im unsure if we should start heading there now

    maybe, your decision
    If it's by today I'll reply in like an hour or two so we can do the back and forth since Charred wants to proceed :v
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