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  • your request has been made please pick up your banner at lunar Subterrane Graphics ^_^ enjoy and hope to see you again ^_^
    Well, it was mainly cyborgs and such; the machines and such was done as an alt or counter to Quirks bacj when they were the minority per say
    Something I personally added to make things a bit more interesting. It's mainly centered in the US so that is the explanation for why places like U.A. Don't know about it
    I can't seem to access the discussion thread right now so I'm answering here.

    It seems Azer got mixed up 'cause the dog is still indeed lunging at her and I just said what would happen if she did get bitten. So you have my permission to not acknowledge that post because Azer was technically bunnying your character. I'll tell Azer too
    Hmm, I see. Good point. Oh yeah. He'd probably one of her main outlets. And maybe Diancia for anger... unless one of sketchie's character ends up being more angsty than him
    Also, 'cause I'm curious, what would Kaeda think of Daniel considering he (sort of) hates himself after accidently being the cause to his mother's death? Or what would she think of Daniel in general?
    Cainhurst is located off the coast of Britannia (basically England). You can expect it to be a little on the cold side, though it is spring time when we arrive so its pretty moderate at the moment.
    Man I hate to keep shooting you down, but yeah its a world-wide event. Our story just takes place in Hoenn because its ground zero for what happened. You could maybe restructure your story a bit, like say you're still from Unova. Maybe instead of a Gym leader, you are the son of a city leader? Not all of them need to be terrible people. They used planes in order to trade with other communities. Your father went missing after a trip to Hoenn. Your mom, now sole leader of the city, had many obligations and often wasn't able to give you as much attention as either of you liked. She gave you the rufflet and all that. I don't imagine Gym battles still being a thing, but you and your companions could have traveled all of Unova anyway, maybe with some other goal in mind, or just because. Motivation for coming to Hoenn could be the same: find out what happened to your dad.

    Or maybe instead of your parent being a gym leader, they are a gladiator in a city-state. Others face off against him/ her just like an old gym leader, except bloodier haha. We can spit-ball some more ideas if you'd like too. Also, the plane thing can still work, some old technologies have been saved, but they just haven't progressed. You'd be flying the same planes that were made before Groudon, the ones that were managed to be saved. Being from Mistralton city would give you access to those.

    Sorry about that, and hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions or if theres something I can clarify for you
    I saw. I feel lucky, honored and just happy that I managed to get that quote before it was gone.
    Oh, and his parents. But eh, who has parents these days anyway in Tv-shows or RPG's, anyway.
    His present - a Rufflet that ate his birthday cake. All of it.
    This was oddly depressive!
    Yeah I couldn't find the link on the old thread either

    It's the thread Pokemon Degrassi.

    I changed up the name.
    Since you were one of the more active posters in PH, the new game is up.

    You may have seen it, but I'm just telling ya in case you haven't.
    Hello again.

    It has been five days since you have last responded to me. Although this is disappointing, I had fallback plans in case you proved unreliable. Therefore I am pleased to announce that I am making headway with JFought, and although I have not yet disbanded our partnership, although continual failure to react may strain it.

    After my first plan goes through, I will contact you as soon as I think of another plan.

    Thank you for your time.
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