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  • hey bud! A shiny one or a normal one? I have a normal but I kinda want to keep it, is it just for the dex entry
    I still owe you a prize for winning the race haha, however I can't get the damn rayquaza off of my Jap game, it's a ROM and doesn't seem to like IR trading :/
    I've considered that but I kind of just want to get it over with. If I was to guess how many SRs I've done since I actually started (1st May 2011) it would be over 20k lol
    "Racism" being when someone treats a person in a certian way (including assuming things about them), or abuses them, or makes excuses for them, based on race.

    Example 1: "If you are arabic, you must not drink alcohol, since you're arabic."

    Example 2: "I do not like -name- because he/she is asian"

    Example 3: "Since you are black, you should be given a free place in a university, because your ancestors were enslaved. For diversity, of course."
    Trayvon could have been white or green or purple and it wouldn't have changed anything.

    What if I said you were defending Trayvon because he was black? Congratulations, you're a racist.
    Lol, I would, but I haven't actually played pokemon in years. I actually just came back to the debate forum after a three year hiatus.
    Hey man, you misread my signature. I only have WSHMKR Jirachi, I have the japanese bonus disc Celebi :p
    Look at it again, all of the kinds I have are put after the pictures of the pokemon, not before! But thanks for being concerned!
    just curious, you said you're almost done the first part of your shiny quest... what exactly is this shiny quest of which you speak?
    I have my level 100 gengar with hypnosis, something with paralize I think and my haxorus with false swipe :) so catching it shouldnt be too much of an issue!
    NOOOO!!!!! I'm not annoyed I won the race, I'm annoyed that I still have to SR.....

    Big congrats though!! I will think up a reward for winning (though you will have to wait until I am out of this damned cave first...)
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