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I am Cueva27. But hopefully my name will change this April! I love pokemon and I have my trade shop and I am proud of myself for building up my shop!
Here are a couple fun things on my page to keep you busy! :)


IKawaiiThief-MY TWIN! I haven't known for that long, but up to know me and her have become very good friends. She will be joining my Trade Shop and it is gonna be a blast! I love chatting with her and it always makes me laugh! XD

DoggieDoggie-Wow! It all started when I put in my signature that whoever battles me get a free shiny. Dang. We battled and we battle a lot, it was fun, we traded and thanks to Serebii I met DoggieDoggie! He has always been there for me and is always keeping out for my shop. A great friend who I trust in!

InsaneDragoniteHD- Draggi is FREAKING AWESOME! We got in a fight one time haha but we are becoming really good friends! He is a good friend that I really like VM'ing! :) I hope for us to become even BETTER friends too! :D...DONT MESS WITH HIM OR ITS THE BOOT WITH YOU!!!

Fun Facts About Me:
-I am 14 years old and I am peruvian!
-I live in Oregon
-I LOVE Swimming and have been in Swim Team for more than 6 years!
-I love my family and friends and I wouldn't be anywhere without them.
-I am never mad. I always smile, but if you do get me mad then thats rare! More rare than Feebas :l

Jesus, Pokemon, Swimming, Games, FUN, Family, Friends and Nutella
Kingdom of The Vale
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo Network ID
A Netwindo What?
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