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  • Hey there, I'm interested in one of your female 4IV HA Skrelp. I can offer you a Houndoomite for it, although it'll be from my Y game and not from my OR game. Is that fine with you?
    It wasn't attitude at all. I've just run into many people who have told me they're afraid of going to TJ simply because they think it's dangerous. One bad experience shouldn't completely ruin how it will be overall. Plus, if you know where to go, you're guaranteed to avoid problems every time you go there. So yeah, sorry if defending my city came off as giving attitude.
    I've been there just once, but that's what discourages me from going: how crowded it gets and the prices. And it's disappointing, 'cause it's the only convention in town. Everything else that isn't as hyped has to be far away :/

    Um, I lived in TJ my whole childhood and most of my teen life, and it disappoints me when people tell me that TJ is dangerous when in all reality, it was American news sensationalizing what was really going on. In 07 and 08, it was a mess because there was a mass kidnapping going on, I agree to that. However, TJ's kidnap count has since dwindled to inexistence. The police force and the Mexican Marines have made themselves present in Baja state, so the city's much more secure than ever before. In fact, a lot of Americans have returned to TJ and have even been welcomed by the locals quite warmly. The night life is so charming there, that it can't be missed! I don't know where you've been to say that TJ is dangerous, because I've never run into any problems. Not before, not to this day. At least come back for our bomb tacos and tortas...
    '03 I was living in TJ, but from the hill I was living on I could see the smoke completely cover the sky. 07 was still the same deal, but I still thought it wasn't that bad.

    I don't think so. I have this friend who apparently has a friend working at one of the booths, and told him to get me a pass, but I haven't heard from him. CC is so out of reach anyway :/
    Taking the summer off. I have a few things going on and can't miss out. Lucky I never had trouble, and wasn't required to take classes like that...

    I have a friend who was helping with the evacuations, but something near and dear to him was taken from him by those fires in the process. Other than that, everyone else I know of that was within the fires' paths was relatively safe.
    When you post from URL, is there a little checkbox beneath it that says "Retrieve remote file and reference locally"? If it's checked, uncheck it. And if that doesn't do it, then I have no idea. I'm not a mod, so I don't think it's a special privilege or anything like that.
    Victreebel is so awesome, It doesn't need to say its name:eek:nly to SHRIEK!

    I need another Shiny Vicky wiyh Bug Bite and Power Whip someday...that girl was deadly in HGSS Wifi...maybe someday...she might return to me...
    Also thank you so much :3 i'd love to friend-safari with you.. whatever that is :p It really shows I haven't played it!
    Where's the mega evolutions for pokemon they want and need a boost? Like mega-beedrill with the ability: caustic stingers, allowing you to do 2x damage on steel types with poison moves- what about m-butterfree, with like, gale wings? I dunno- I just pulled that out my arze and they're still fuching better than m-manetric? In execution, they totally messed up with mega evos- thought they were supposed to do with the bond with a trainer- when you can just slap a megastone on something straight out of tall grass- I call ******** gamefreak :L if they meant that bond thing- it would surely tie in with the BOND SYSTEM THEY INTRODUCED IN THE SAME GAME [pant pant pant huff huff]. I'm fuming at the whole notion of mega mewtwo? We get it, nostalgia is good, way to overegg the fuggin pudding :L
    Why thank you :3 don't think i've ever seen a rant complimented :p

    But yeah, I think M-evos are kinda a terrible idea anyway- feel very 'unpokemonish' to me- as the sense i've always got from pokemon compared to similar things, is that pokemon are the species that populate that world- and the changes they undergo and the pseudo science that goes with it, make it feel more... real? that's why I for one, appreciate baby pokemon- because yeah, they are adorable plushie fodder pretty much- but they also carry some sense too? As kind of like larval stages for non arthropod pokemon. I mean, I am STILL waiting for baby onix to show up, but hey :p

    Anyways, I guess the sort of people that hate baby pokemon and label them as 'useless' are the sort that rave about mega charizard and mega garchomp :L but mega evolutions are so unorganic; what they but glofiried battle suits? Ugly ones at that. And to me, pokemon isn't and shouldn't just be about that. The selection process for mega Evos is just so ****ing mind boggling as well. Have of them were so vastly overpowered or atleast, comfortably well off enough to get a lot of use- so why, oh WHY make them even more powerful? Why? oh, because it's cool gamefreak? Because it's rad and awesome?? Just fuch off gamefreak :| they make'a'no'sense.
    part 2 of rant sorry :p

    I think even more so now, that Alakazam is supposed to be a caricature of a jewish mystic; with that out-of-nowhere shnozz and the rabbi beard :L Then there is the now-will-never-be likes of Mega Mawile and Mega Banette that really, with some tweaks- could have been legitimate full evos. It's so infuriating. Also- as far as I know, these stones or 'evos' come with no lore- so things like Mega Absol's design carry no explanation, when clearly something is up with angel wings- redemption of it's reputation perhaps, vindication of it's cause in trying to help people? Nope. Nothing. Why he no Dark/Fairy either. Absol has this very Barghest/Cu Sith/Omen feel to me that would have been perfectly Fairy- maybe it is just me, but I was very very disapointed that Absol didn't become Dark/Fairy- would have thrown a nice curveball into the pack of pink'pretty'n'majestic image they've got going- also that unique typing would be awesome. I believe Absol learns Play Rough? Getting STAB on that would have made it so very dangerous!

    M-Mewtwos will NEVER be part of my head canon :L 780 BST? Just no Gamefreak. The unbalancedness and favoritism shown towards starters also makes me pretty angry- TWO Mega Charizards and no other mega hoenn starters? Okay then Gamefreak thanks for showing us that you think Fire is basically a superior option. Pyromaniacs!
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