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  • Part 1 :p

    Ugh Fennekin- I'm still probs Chespin tbh, it is cute. A no evo run sounds good, because the hardly end up spending any time in their base form and the less time as a quilladin is probably a good thing :p Flabebe's stats look pretty decent considering it's like soo tiny- but shame about it's line's moveset :S tbh, I think Flabebe's line should have had a gimmick where different coloured flower forms allowed it to learn a certain move/certain type of moves- kinda like with Rotom's formes-it specifically says it is supposed to 'draw out' the power within the flower it is bound to- it would certainly make it more generally nymph-like than just basically being an Anthousa. A Ground [Orange], Water [Blue], Ice [White] Electric [Yellow] or Fire [Red] move, would boost its movepool but I suppose the colour of it's flower would give it away. Seen some stuff about this AZ guy's floette thing, but, too much spoilers so I've tried to avoid :p

    I've just got more pure hate. Scizor's is one of the worst, most self indulgent things they've ever done :S same with the vast majority of very powerful pokemon, getting boosts they didn't really need or warrant- especially the bombast and sheer superfluousness of designs like M-Tyranitar or M-Houndoom; they're ugly and gawdy and to me, just wtf Gamefreak! Then there is the other sort, like M-Manetric or M-Alakazam, where for god's sake, wtf were they smoking when they designed these pieces of shlt? Also what does M-Manetric bring to the table, expect for the appearance of child's attempt to draw Manetric with crayons?
    I was thinking smallest and largest :3 but HSOWA is just too memed for it's own good :p

    But hermano, I dunno if I like any of them though :S I wish there was a: 'no thanks, I think I'll pass this time' option :S I think I want Chespin for the underdog value [Really the same reason I picked Snivy] as Greninja seems like it has Charizard syndrome to me and Delphox is just uggggh, go to a dry cleaners you dirty fox!!! Considering foxes are my favorite animals and I was especially keen on fennecs at one time [wanted one as a pet O_O no really, that is a real thing!] but Fennekin was always 'meh' to me :S I think I really wanted it to stay quadrapedal tbh. Ideally, I'd like my 'starter' to be a Flabebe; that is, as soon as I catch one, box my actual starter. Is Flabebe an earlyish catch?

    I think my general dislike for pokemon as a franchise and it's creative choices has like, sapped the enthusiasm I had for it :S Mega evolutions. Killed it for me man. When they first revealed them, I was a little distracted by the 'shininess' of it all- I admit, I was kind of taken in by Mega Blaziken- but then when I began to think about it, and as more and more of those things came out the woodwork, I just became puzzled, angry and kinda sad and eventually it's just poisoned my whole idea of what pokemon is :S

    On the other hand, it's made me really want to fight for pokemon- made me want to be THERE, in it and seeing how/why/who is making these decisions. I want to be inside Gamefreak- because it's made me realize, just how passionate I am about pokemon, ironically. But I realize that's probably never going to happen :L
    Yah :( indeed. It's just sitting all pretty, in the box. I still haven't decided on a starter fully :s on my dummy play through for 15 mins or so I picked Chespin, because it's now the one I hate least. But Greninja seems too good not to have stat wise.

    Indeed O_O but, I for one, will put it out there that as long as they are still good quality pokemon, I wouldn't care if there was 1000+ if you think about the context of the pokemon world, that is what their world is populated by and it isn't a scratch on the diversity of our reality. Not that it has to be, but just, loads of pokemon are okay by me! I don't hate prevos as much a most do- I think, yeah they're cute and weak but they're supposed to be; they add some diversity alongside the monstrosities like [gulp] mega Garchomp :L

    Making it easier to catch everything would be good though :S but I've heard people are getting some surprising stuff through Wonder Trade.

    Whoa that would be immense O_O i'm surprised they haven't taken advantage of the camera/ motion capture of the Wii and DS yet to revisit that concept. It would be awesome. I never played Snap first time round :S didn't have an N64. But, I am a fan of the concept. Imagine challenges like getting Wailord and Flabebe in the same shot :p
    Poké-naked :p but I agree, neither seems a pretty fate :O

    Whoa, that sounds like some crazy azz addictinator! I think I will steer clear man, but it sounds cool yeah. I still haven't played X yet :(
    I quite agree. There are many types that can't shine as a result of those certain OP types. If this Fairy type is real, I think it'll allow them to shine like you said.
    hey, do you still have the DW poliwag with modest nature? I have dw eevee, abra, vulpix, ralts and dratini. If none of these interest you, let me know and we can try and work something else out.
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