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  • ...I think I fought you in the Autumn Friendly tournament.
    You had a Jellicent, Whimsicott, Thundurus, Hydreigon, Chandelure, and Terrakion?
    Hmm, I guess you're right, I really don't remember talking to you, but my apologies for using it, the person I worked a deal out with had not messaged me back randomly, so I assumed he left Serebii. The picture is your work, so I can go about paying you, just pm me back.
    you still getting those celebi??? i just want to know... becuase there is some event that is fan made that gives out celebi...... that doesn't sound right
    ok... i give you a shiny raikou..... i think the raikou is untouch....or i might have used it once in a battle.... hope you wont mind :D
    just one... the celebi wont be WI-FI... so i wont be able to get celebi :(

    anyways...... can't wait for the 11th.. then i get pokemon white.... i pre-ordered it
    no worries.... i am just waiting to pokemon black and whitee to come out... i want Zoroark!!! too bad i can only get one .... :(
    well i am doing great.... with all 4 my pokemon games :D keeps me so busy but notto busy to t chat to me friends
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