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  • lol yeah it isn't xDDD But then,SatoHika doesn't even know whats going on between them x3 Adorable. XD
    Yeah,I guess he wouldn't do that to Hikari haha
    But the,Idk.He was just mad at that time,so he wasn't thinking right haha
    It is difficult to say for sure that we aren't biased and they are blind or vice versa haha We may be just biased,but I did see it in japanese version a lot.And it seems MANY people there also saw it.Pearl became the most popular there ^^
    if my memory(that is very efficient for useless knowledge) doesn't fail me.He told everyone to shut up in very early AG actually.It was by the hang-loose gym leader episode,brawly xDD
    Aww yes,he was such a nice person to her :3
    lol I liked his bishounen self and giovannis fantasies XD Those were funny enough for the season.

    Well before DP,at least they seemed to be making him mature gradually.I mean,BF was already good enough.By that time,I would say he aged a bit.But then BW came to confirm he was 10 still ._."
    I wouldn't hope for too much,he won't be back into his DP times at least until the next gen since they change his behavior each new gen.This gen he seems better than BW,which is a beginning. XD But what is left for me to conclude is if he is better or worse than AG.
    And also,i wouldn't mind OS lovers...most of them are blinded by nostalgia and most of them are as stupid as a door.
    Exactly again!

    It is something very difficult for me to decide which game I liked more.In 2005(emerald) ,I remember how I used to love Hoenn,I was like 11 by that time haha.But I love my platinum version!I also like BW and so on...
    (lol also fond memories of silver/crystal and yellow/blue).
    Me neither,when it comes to pokemon,you just cant mind stuff like marketing and rating boost.They love to put cheap content just so that they get $$$ somehow.
    Hmmm lol yeah,Sinnoh haters are OS freaks as I call them.They like OS so much that they dont mind Johto was basically the worst season ever.Fillers...A LOT OF THEM.And not only that,terrible quality fillers.
    Satoshi was more mature and I got a good friend who said he was bland cause Sinnoh didn't have much comedy.I never minded that to be honest.DP was supposed to take more of an emotional route and it suceeded in it,so I can't complain.
    Yes exactly.I was raging on the screen as he seemed to forget everything along the way.Plus he wasn't acting with caution as he would in DP.He looked way more OS-ish,and sometimes I thought he was even dumber than OS..which is quite grave in my opinion ^^"
    I loved those moves,counter shield was awesome :D Imean,it really set apart the games from the anime,you know? I think the anime needs to show stuff that doesn't make sense or are not achievable in the games.Keeps the anime fresh.BW battles were resumed in one attack and die or each one attack once till the other faint(which the game already brings so it makes no sense and it is ridiculous for anime plots).Ocassionally,pokemon would randomly evolve after getting beaten up pretty badly and win the match.(So much creativity there since this was NEVER repeated in the same series // sarcasm)

    Ugh,Idk...Hikari's cameos are unlikely,but there is Piplup and it is always good then xD Btw,we may get when DP remakes come,this will take years,but it is our best chance lol

    lol Hikari is much more adorable x3 She was just so cute and caring,especially for Satoshi <3
    Hmm though cuteness comes with a cost : a lot of people fanboy over those two because their designs are much more "open" to fanservice.Honestly,I don't mind designs as long as they have some personality.That's more important for me and since I think Satoshi had some personality and many people call Hikari the female Satoshi,I am leaned towards liking her as well. xD As for Serena,I found the whole childhood thing just cute haha But she is starting to get pretty much like her in game persona,a brick in terms of personality and participation.(You could say she is a cyborg also haha)
    Hehe. Methinks that "Flutterhulk" just became the word of the day among my fellow bronies. For my part, I wanted to head into this episode with as few expectations as possible, and I'll be as happy as Spike was toward the end. I should be certain to provide a few updates as the day progresses.
    Happy Mayan Apocalypse Aftermath Day, fellow Pearlshipper, and what a week for yours truly. Are you doing well in your corner of the world?
    Oh I didn't mention Satoshi because i think he was out of character during /all/ BW,and if not OoC then he was brainwashed or something.He seriously lost all his knowledge.Hmm yeah,but as someone said earlier in Pealr thread,the reason why they brought her back was mostly cause of the old tradition and also cause Piplup is highly marketable in Japan,so no plot coherency whatsoever,unfortunately for us :/
    Ugh,don't even want to remember BW2...it was utter crap. >.>

    Hmmm Idk...I think the only real coincidence is the group format,but I don't think the structure of the plot follows AG much.I think it is a mix between BW and older series.But then again.it is too early to say muich ^^ Btw,I really don't know where the hell did the 14 episode XY first series come from,I think it is not legit.
    Btw nice avi lol Hikari was adorable :3
    Yeah,I know haha I forgot the word ^^ I didn't mean to assume you were talking about co-stars.Yeah,I guess May had some extra importance.I woulkd prefer Serena to also get this role,but oh well...
    Yes,definitely.I think everything about the XY is being rushed up.I see the potential,I see that there is some quality there,but they are too euphoric - I would say - in putting stuff on screen.
    lol yeah,aside from some episodes in BW that were funny(mid BW),the saga was terrible.Yep,BW was starting to get better but then BW2 came to **** everything up.Including characters that were once awesome.I hate Hikari's arc,it was just ugh.Hikari was out of character and she was basically iris' drone lol
    lol I don't think Citron will be the co-star xD (Well as for co-star I only can put Hikari there,but you know what I meant XD)
    I think they are just handling Serena poorly.If they don't want to give her a goal as of now,at least make it progressively converge towards something.I only see her diverge and diverge...
    What I would have liked to see was them making her backstory as a trigger for her to build her future,but well..I can't expect much from poke-writers.

    LOL Brock trolled pretty much every opportunity he had.If he wasn't there,Hikari would probably have fallen for Satoshi already hahaha
    lol xD I never control it...it always end up like this haha

    Yes it has,one of the reasons why I like it haha.Honestly,I don't like shippings that arent viable,it simply doesnt convince me to ship it.I see potential in both pearl and amour(much more in Pearl thread as I totally agree with you on the kenny thing xDD).man,you opened my eyes hahaha this comparison is perfect,both suffer a lot out of love lolololol
    Well,i like Serena :c I joke about her but I do get a bit sad of how the writers made it a laughing matter. Actually,I like XY group a lot.First group ever that I like all characters a lot.OS had Misty,AG had Max and DP had the cook(Brock at this time was useless,and he was a wall to pearl).All of those I mentioned,I hate XD
    I wont post it directly on pearl thread cause it is not related,but yeah I used to post much more back in 2012(See my post count by clicking in the thread post count).
    I used to write analysis all over the thread,about specific topics(none can match this last one in terms of size,I was scared myself upon seeing the final result oO).
    It's cool that the thread is much more active then when I first joined though,gotta thank you all for it ^^
    I got your point now, sorry for being so slow.
    How i got into Pearl ? Well, funny story, my current girlfriend got me into!
    I kinda of gave up on the anime in OS because i couldn't stand the Johto filler but then around then ending of DP I started talking to a girl that such a big pokemon fan as myself.
    So we started seeing AG and DP episodes over skype (lol), and when I saw how similar Ash and Dawn were to each other i had to look into.
    Finally the Lyra fillers were the ultimate dagger. Then she explained Ships to me, i went to search more to myself and ended up reading 158 Pearl fics in one week ( My ADD kinda of took over me ).
    Then in searching over X&Y information i got to this forum (that i lurked a few years ago) and started going fanboy over the ship even more!
    (sweatdropping, then clearing throat) Ah. Cyrus believed that taking control of Dialga and Palkia would enable him and his subordinates to bring forth a "new world order" and thereby destroy the Pokémon world, just as Ahmadinejad and his associates believed that they could unleash enough chaos in the Middle East to accelerate the Hidden Imam's emergence. Enlisting Pokémon Hunter J to capture the Lake Guardians amplified Team Galactic's level of ruthlessness still further in my estimation, and I found Ash and Dawn a perfect contrast to this evil. You won't have to guess how quickly I allied with the Pearlshippers as that realization sank into my mind, and I still recall a certain rendition of "High Touch" that I compiled myself.:

    Dawn: *We fight, make up, and fight once again, but it’s true.
    I have so many things that I want to tell you.
    This most steadfastly: “Many thanks for staying with me.”.*
    Ash: *As we roll along, our minds stay as a great team.
    No matter what, we will reach up to our dreams.
    Through it all, clearly, I’m happy to see you with me.*
    Dawn: *We’re partners.*
    Ash: *And great friends.*
    Dawn: *I’ll push and cheer you on.*
    Ash: *I’ll pull you until the end.*
    Both: *Harmony stands strong between us in the sun. It’s our destiny.
    As we win together, let’s high-five!
    If we’re knocked down, then we can bounce back and thrive!
    We can teach each other.*
    Ash: *And we’ll defend this world of magic truly. Go, go, go.*
    Both: *As we won together, let’s high-five!
    We faced down our best opponents and thrived!
    We can teach each other.*
    Ash: *And we’ll go further than our eyes can now see. Go, go, go.*
    Both: *Go, go, go. Go, go, go!*

    Feel free to look through my lyrics as you wish.
    An even eerier dimension to Iran's ultimate goal came to my attention with a book titled How Civilizations Die, written by one David Goldman. He argued that quite a few of the world's major societies were imploding because they had lost faith in their ability to survive the process of modernization and were thus bent on taking their countries down with them. Iran is one of the countries reflecting this societal self-destruction, and its highest-ranking leaders now want to take down as many of their country's neighbors as they can. This was enough to convince me that a completely new societal standard was necessary, based on everything I'd learned and experienced as of the time period in question, October-November 2011. My instincts ended up harmonizing -- and I use that word intentionally to indicate the cartoon I now have in mind -- on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and to this day, I consider that development a perfect storm that some other Pearlshippers have known about ever since. Might I ask how you came to support Pearlshipping yourself?
    (nodding grimly) I understand. Perhaps I'll start with Team Galactic, which I came to view as a group of terrorists with an openly world-ending mission. I noted that Ash and Dawn happened to be able to connect with Sinnoh's legendaries, and between that and their famously enthusiastic yet innocent song about their romantic friendship, I had a fairly certain grasp of my view of these two trainers. There was actually a recent real-life basis for it which has shifted quite dramatically more recently: pronouncements from one Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about the emergence of a figure known as the Hidden Imam, followed by realization of an alliance with North Korea, which is in Japan's backyard. The earlier Pearlshippers, such as Yuppirox and Adelaide1994, have been aware of this view already... along with said shift.
    Hmm... Actually, I wouldn't worry too much about it, although perhaps that's my overarching scenario for ending Pokémon in Unova talking. There were certain events outside this franchise that virtually ensured that Pokéshipping and Advanceshipping alike never stood a chance to my mind and thus left Pearlshipping as my only viable Poké-pairing involving Ash, as the main character. Cuteness has been my main factor keeping my attention toward Japan all these years, but you might not believe the conclusion that I reached a little over two years ago. Would you mind if I shared more of what I've learned?
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