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  • I have HA Phantump I can trade. What items do you have that you can offer? As I already have all the HA pokemon you listed
    Speaking of trading >_< I only own one Mew...sorry. I actually just got it a few days ago from Pokémon Ranch on Wii. If you sent 999 Pokémon you can get a Mew. Took me like almost a year
    Nice! I know what it's like to be hunting for one specific thing haha. Sooo many 1% encounters in the Hoenn games.

    And thank you for the offer but I've been playing through Gen III and IV and completing each Pokédex. I'm good I think haha but same to you if you ever need something!

    Anyways how are you?
    Hey no prob! I'm glad you're past the annoyance. I can only imagine how that felt with all that planning. And great! No rush, we still have 3 months until X and Y!

    And thanks for the add! Feel free to talk anytime but I might not always answer immediately because I'm always logged in on my phone. Good luck on your adventures!
    Hi! I saw your post in BW2 Recent Happenings Thread. I'm so sorry that happened and I know how it feels to just have no motivation for Pokémon. There's quite a few things you can do!

    -Buy a used Black 2 game if you have extra money
    -Focus on Dream World if you have an account, or make one if you haven't
    -Make a special team of Pokémon for specifically catching Pokémon
    -Have wifi battles(we can battle too :D)
    -Get the Shiny Charm and hunt for shinies, it's like 1/3000 or 1300 something I think

    I always find it nice to watch some of my fav anime episodes or a LP of Pokémon on youtube too
    the key cannot be sent through wifi. it is infrared meaning you have to be in the room with the oerson
    Hey! Just wanted to say, I like the way you write your Trainer Journal things on the Recent Happenings Thread. Makes for interesting reads; I generally try my best to do the same (you do it better. XD).
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