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  • I have HA Phantump I can trade. What items do you have that you can offer? As I already have all the HA pokemon you listed
    Speaking of trading >_< I only own one Mew...sorry. I actually just got it a few days ago from Pokémon Ranch on Wii. If you sent 999 Pokémon you can get a Mew. Took me like almost a year
    Nice! I know what it's like to be hunting for one specific thing haha. Sooo many 1% encounters in the Hoenn games.

    And thank you for the offer but I've been playing through Gen III and IV and completing each Pokédex. I'm good I think haha but same to you if you ever need something!

    Anyways how are you?
    Hey no prob! I'm glad you're past the annoyance. I can only imagine how that felt with all that planning. And great! No rush, we still have 3 months until X and Y!

    And thanks for the add! Feel free to talk anytime but I might not always answer immediately because I'm always logged in on my phone. Good luck on your adventures!
    Hi! I saw your post in BW2 Recent Happenings Thread. I'm so sorry that happened and I know how it feels to just have no motivation for Pokémon. There's quite a few things you can do!

    -Buy a used Black 2 game if you have extra money
    -Focus on Dream World if you have an account, or make one if you haven't
    -Make a special team of Pokémon for specifically catching Pokémon
    -Have wifi battles(we can battle too :D)
    -Get the Shiny Charm and hunt for shinies, it's like 1/3000 or 1300 something I think

    I always find it nice to watch some of my fav anime episodes or a LP of Pokémon on youtube too
    the key cannot be sent through wifi. it is infrared meaning you have to be in the room with the oerson
    surfing pikachu can't have surf on 5th gen. surf has to be removed before being transferred
    Hey! Just wanted to say, I like the way you write your Trainer Journal things on the Recent Happenings Thread. Makes for interesting reads; I generally try my best to do the same (you do it better. XD).
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