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  • By the way... some artists can't do animated banners so I would suggest that when they say 'I would like a banner' you just give them images if it says 'I would like a animated banner' That is perfect.
    Oh and Mew's Shop is open at the moment! You can delete that message in the shop and post it in Mew_'s Shop.
    Thanks. Mew_ made it in Mew's Universe Shop (I'm his regular customer there XD). The Shop is closed for the time being but keep your eyes open in a few hours time because he opens his shop every 24 hours. You need to tell him what images you want and other things. ;) Just read his rules first and go around the areas on what he does and you should get a beautiful signature in no time! ;)
    As for the quote, I was researching the person and I found the quote so I thought it would be nice in my signature.
    Where I got the signature is in 'User CP' and then 'Edit Signature' under the Settings and Options area.

    I'm Sophie, nice to meet ya!
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