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  • Oh, I'll most definitely be buying one of them come this March. One way or the other.
    Or, the best Pokemon version of Blue-Eyes ultimate Dragon. <3

    Eh, I guess so. Despite only owning 1 4th gen game, lol.
    Yep, that's my only problem with it. But I love it's access to special attacks though. Surf is a bit strange, however, lol.

    I sure do ramble on, don't I? .-.
    I'd prefer Monozou. Sazandora (Hydreigon), is a BEAST. In pretty much every aspect, even appearance. I just wish it could have both Dark Pulse and Earth Power at the same time, though. :/
    If you don't want any grinding. Go for Daikenki. It has the offensive stats to pretty much muscle it's way through for you early on.

    Also, if you don't have the crown beasts, I suppose I could just give you one of mines. (I lose nothing, since I always keep clones)
    Daikenki. :3

    I like the design, lol. Will probably end up being replaced by Zoroark eventually though. (I have the Crown Beasts in U.S and JPN).
    I don't have much interest in Dream World Pokemon. Most of them render 4th generation tutor/egg moves useless. :/

    And for the ones that don't, sometimes the previous ability is better. :eek:
    Which is a relatively easy task for me to do. I have no problems with obtaining Pokemon lol.

    Even RNG bred/captured ones. :x
    Black, of course. I prefer Reshiram more and it has exclusive Pokemon I largely would like to get my hands on.
    Just randomly web browsing, managing boxes of Pokemon (on Pearl), and talking to you.
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