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Last Activity:
Nov 28, 2018
Jul 2, 2011
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I'mma monster in your pocket.

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•º°N¡ce Guy°º•, from I'mma monster in your pocket.

Virawl was last seen:
Nov 28, 2018
    1. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Yup. (Though I changed her Pokemon.)

      It's alright, it happens.
    2. Utopian
      where do you get your c4d's from?
    3. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Oh good.

      Because I might've introduced a certain character earlier than planned. Though she hasn't been named.

      (Is that girl with the green eyes and brown hair you mentioned in the begining who I think it is? Because I always imagined them having blonde hair and blue eyes. xD)
    4. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I don't mean to be a pest but, are you still at least reading PL?

      Because it's going quite well actually. =D
    5. Victory
      Do you know where Fire Paw has been? I requested a banner quite some time ago...
    6. MuffinPaula
      LOL i watch alot soo I guess we may have some in common :3. KHR IS MY FAV OF ALL TIME
    7. MuffinPaula
      Hey <3. sup. I see u like Ao no Exorcist
    8. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Yeah, i'm sorry but the new textbox was a bad change.

      It's completely unfair to us Wii users. I can't edit my posts, or seperate paragraphs unless I put a <p> in front of each paragraph. -_-
    9. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Where? I don't see any of those things. :/

      I also don't see the things to make the text bold and stuff. :/
    10. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      They didn't. xD
    11. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      They're upgrading the forums again.

      I wonder what they'll change this time? xD
    12. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      It shouldn't.
    13. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Lulz, I just read your post on PL, after I sent Yel a PM about it. xD

      I'm considering taking Darkrai myself.

      And I'm planning for Darkrai to be Female. xD (We have a Female Zekrom sooo...wynaut? xD)
    14. Unknown Guy 960
      Unknown Guy 960
      Remember: Everything happens for a reason. I wouldn't have been like this for such events happening. 'Where's the old, cheerful and happy Ken?', some may ask. And they don't think 'What did I do that made him like this?'. Why not we all ask ourselves, 'Why?' ?

      Shove me into the mud and spit at me as you like, but I am standing with my own decision; my own decision to change or to not. I may be rock bottom right now, but I do forgive others.

      And sorry doesn't change things when nobody listens to one's apology.

      Thank you for even bothering to read.

      P.S.: And if you'd like to, or by the demand of someone, you may discard me from Project Legends. I'd be happy if someone could have a legend they've always wanted.
    15. Raijiin
      Gotcha, and Rawr, you know were i can get a hold of roxy? i apologized to Yel but still got her on my list. and Also thanks for replying. Thought i made ya hate me too
    16. Raijiin
      Cant believe i actually got here but here goes:

      Wheres a good place to set down a Fic on the forums?
    17. Ruby Blue
      Ruby Blue
      Thanks, but I know. I kind of looked in earlier.

      I didn't really expect anything else from Ken.
    18. Ruby Blue
      Ruby Blue
      I'm pretty out of it...

      ...That came out wrong. I don't do drugs.
    19. Ruby Blue
      Ruby Blue
      Ehh... I got nothin' :/
    20. Ruby Blue
      Ruby Blue
      Hold on, let me think of a pun.
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    I'mma monster in your pocket.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I haven't died yet.

    Pokemon (of course), manga, drawing, reading


    Awktopus belongs to Wong Fu Productions