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Last Activity:
Nov 28, 2018
Jul 2, 2011
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I'mma monster in your pocket.

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•º°N¡ce Guy°º•, from I'mma monster in your pocket.

Virawl was last seen:
Nov 28, 2018
    1. Unknown Guy 960
      Unknown Guy 960
      Eh, not entirely. I read the first page, skipped to the behind and started reading backwards like that. XD

      Er... actually, I might say, there's only one. But he/she/it was truly a horror in spamming post of his/her/its super-sueish character killing, like, EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THE FIC WITH MOTHERF**KING BOMBS WITHOUT LOGIC. F**K THAT MONSTER. F** 'EM ALL. I'LL KILL 'EM THE NEXT TIME I SEE THAT F**KED UP NUTJOB. F**K.

      Actually, you'd better need someone who can shout at 'em, give the middle finger (not really) and alert a moderator within a short moment. I guess you guys could, but you three live mostly in the same timezones, and I'm the one that could be up watching when you guys are getting your beauty sleep. XD

      Yep-dee-dep! I'm one against spam and abusing characters that are not yours without permission from the owner or just damn abusing them without a logical explanation. It's an extremely disgraceful thing to do, and a lowly insult to all authors. And nope, I think I'm going to call in a moderator, if able to, without the RPG at deletion's risk. Or I could just usher everyone to ignore 'em and maybe make a quick group of Alerters and alert plus complain to the moderators.

      Well you were always the popular guy. You'll attract popularity in no time. XD
    2. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      You've only joined one week ago. xD *shot for stalking*

      Unfortunately, there was some Sue-ishness going on. A lot of out of character knowledge abuse, and teleporting people that shouldn't be able to teleport. Someone even quit just when we got a good plot going too. *Sighs*

      Of course, Rotom and I have barely posted in it. xD
    3. Unknown Guy 960
      Unknown Guy 960
      'Ey sir Virawl. I just registered for Project Legends (for the third time).
      But I came here for a more important reason:
      I've kinda read Mon's Gijinka Academy RPG. OH THE HORROR. Those sue-ish idiots. Those selfish tormenters. Those brainless whackjobs. I fear that yours may just end up just like that. Thus, I offer myself as kind of a guard (dog) and I'll keep the order there, since I'm up on the net for like, EVERYDAY.
      So, what do you say? And if I do my job well enough, you might wanna introduce others to me and I can guard their RPGs too. XD
    4. DVB
      Could I have my char be raised by the folks in Bell Tower?
    5. Rotom310
      It's not really stalking if you make yourself known. xD
    6. windchime
      I love your Red pic in your signature! :D He looks so cooollll! x)
    7. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      The rules and stuff, xD
    8. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      There are solo fics. Not the FC fics.

      There are RPGs (Which are mostly the same thing as FC fics.) xD

      I restarted Pokemon Gijinka Academy here. Yel co-owns it. Though neither of us have posted in awhile. :/

      There are others too.

      Check the RPG Sign Up section.
    9. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Browse the forums. xD
    10. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      You'll figure it out. xD
    11. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      It's about time! 8D
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    I'mma monster in your pocket.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I haven't died yet.

    Pokemon (of course), manga, drawing, reading


    Awktopus belongs to Wong Fu Productions