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  • You never know! It's about quality, not quantity -- the purpose of the awards is at least in part to get people reading stuff they might otherwise not have noticed, so it's possible you'll do better than you think. Best of luck!
    No problem! Like I said before, it's good, and I'd like to see it get some recognition.
    No problem! It's a great story, and I had a chance to give it some exposure, so I just took the opportunity as it came my way. :)
    Yes. Kartana was written as a terse character, who mostly gave one-word responses or gestures with his origami arms, to try and match Gallian's "edgy" vibes. I thought it'd be more fun to instead give Gallian an analytical/brains-over-brawn partner instead.
    You know, I didn't even think about it when I was writing that line (which I think got added in with the revisions, since Sticky wasn't in the original draft). XD
    Well, it actually came down to Lycanroc, who I had written in my outline as "Guzma in all but name." But before I started drafting, I wrote sample dialogue for each character, and Lycanroc's was extremely cringey, so I scrapped that idea. That, and I believe I had on some movie with Alec Baldwin in it while I was drafting Chapter 1, so before I knew it, I imagined Alec Baldwin's sleezy/dirtbag voice for Sneasel, which led to all his lines. XD
    Actually it has more to do with Team Radiance, but I won't say anything else for fear of spoilers. I do enjoy writing Team Fang quite a bit. Funny story is, I had originally planned to make them more like the Gen VII Team Skull than the Team Skull from the Explorers games. But that clearly didn't pan out. XD
    Sounds good, I think. Episodes 6&7 are going to be rather nuts and I'm not sure how people will end up responding. XD
    It's quite alright. I know folks are busy, and it's a busy time of year to boot (curse you fourth quarter!). Also, I think my relatively quick update schedule kind of intimidates folks. I appreciate it, though! ^^
    Oh, not at all! It was my pleasure. I really enjoyed it, so you know, I felt it was only right that I left you a review.
    My pleasure. I think everyone approaches replies differently and I'm still waffling back and forth on the matter myself.
    Thank you for nominating Rosencrantz And Guildenstern are Plasbad for Best Oneshot! It's really great you felt it was worth that kind of honor.
    I was actually meaning to get a Team Traveler-ish commission somehow for a while (Spiteful Murkrow and I go waaay back) but you beat me to it. XD
    you ordered a Pleo commission you wonderful amazing person you deserve medals and trophies and hugs and candy
    Hey, work days are loooooong days ;__;

    And good to hear that things are more or less fine, let's hope the exams go okay.
    S'up. Been a bit of a time since we talked. And I don't really use these VM thingies, maybe I should do it more.

    Love the avvie by the way!
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