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Recent content by Viridian's Yellow

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    love game! for the love of swellow

    Social reminds me of what happend to my friend 2 days ago Fashionista - 7 -my vote Passport - 10 Social - 3 Jalepeno -10 Hotel - 10 Steeler - 10 IMMUNE Lookout - 10 IMMUNE Bon-Bon - 10 Flapper - 10 IMMUNE Baby - 10 Nature - 10 Athletica -10 Peekaboo - 10
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    Favorite Colosseum to Battle in?

    Stargazer and crystal are my favorites
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    Your Opinion On The Hardest Colosseum

    Neon, I hate the wheel mis/fortune. I always get the weak pokemon. :(
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    love game! for the love of swellow

    ;334; *Is cooking food*
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    I love both of my parents. Without them i wouldn't even be here right now. They give me lots of support in everything i do...but maybe too much support. I barely have privacy anymore so hiding something from them is almost impossible.
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    Do you like it that the rivals appear much more frequently?

    Yes, if they don't show him once in a while the fans might forget all about him.
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    'It's Evolving!"

    Everyone in the anime is just really clueless of what going on...even though its really obvious.
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    Who's gonna be your starter?

    In my HG its either Chikorita or Cyndaquil.
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    Which instrument do you think has effected the music world the most?

    I have to say guitar. Just add the human voice and its already a masterpiece in the making.
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    Who was the hardest "Regi" to catch? Who was easiest?

    I had some help so i got them all really easy. So i cant really tell if they were hard to catch.
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    Treecko, Torchick or mudkip On Emerald

    Mudkip, makes the a whole lot easier.
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    What did you use your master ball on?

    Latios in ruby, Latias in sapphire, and Rayquaza in emerald.
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    [ F l o u r e s c e n t . S k i e s ]

    Thanks! *puts it in sig*