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    I think female wobbuffet needws a kissy-kissy! Aw, she put on lipstick! Aw, now she's eating that guy! Wait, why is she doing tha- *Barfs at what female wobbuffet is doing now*
    Ok, no more Lileep... though I recall seeing one in the lab 2 days ago.

    Well it is a journal anger, because no one wants to read journals so why not add that? I mean, there must be a use for journals except for statistics and goals checklist right? I actually kinda like my own quote :p
    Sorry, I was at school... Well a meeting from 11 AM 'til 2 PM is long huh?

    I might drop it when we both are online. Well I prefer being invisible, so don't really expect my online sign to light up, even at Serebii.
    I might drop the Lileep Egg at around Saturday at 6 AM server time. (which is, 7 PM at your place if I'm not mistaken)
    Lileep Egg spotted, tell me when you're online and I'll drop it during that time ;)

    Don't worry, GMT+7 and GMT+8 timezones ain't that far. Why, we're so close :D
    Beginner's luck... it took me a lot of time since Little Man first appeared to get a Missingno.
    That makes me remember about seeing an egg with Missingno's description on the day it's released =/
    I'll try to get another egg for you.
    Darn it I should've saved for a Destiny Knot instead
    Well can't give up on novelties, my couple hasn't even made an egg. I'll VM you when they have a Lileep one :)
    11:30 PM? It's 10:40 PM over here :)

    Not much, still have no luck in finding novelties in the shelter nor a legendary in the lab.

    You better start clicking. Wymsy has stated that if you want an event egg, you must have to stated amount of interactions. And they can range from 4.000 'til 10.000.
    As a welcome back present from me, I'll breed you a Lileep again! :D
    Don't worry, I have obtained a Silph Scope, I'll most likely drop a Lileep Egg whenever you're online ;)
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