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  • Ok, just so you know your opponent is Mav-San, the battle is 5th gen, and Arceus-Ghost and Giratina are both banned.
    Two other guys? You don't need to EV train any Pokemon, Pokemon Showdown and Pokemon Online are online simulators where you don't have to take the time to breed and train your teams.
    Whenever you can arrange it with your opponent, if you need a mono-ghost team I can give you one, just remember that when two mono-ghost teams are fighting eachother keeping your Gengar alive and using your Bulky ghosts to wittle them down.

    Also the battle is on either PO/PS it isn't WiFi, so you don't need to train a whole team.
    Oooo, a psychologist, that's cool. Also how are your skills in competitive battling? DK has told me that he can't do the battle for his round so I was wondering if you wanted to take his place. It's a best of 3 Mono-Ghost Tournament.
    Well if you're up to it then I'll accept your form and the rebirth of the Ghost-Type Club will begin, I'll get to work on finding people who are interested and whipping some of the older members back into an active shape. I should probably also ask for ownership of the club thread since the old owner hasn't done anything in months. Also you may call me Freeze or Luis if you don't feel like taking the time to write out instead of Refreeze because it's long and annoying to write out.

    Also I see you're a theater student, I have a friend who's in theater and its great from what I've seen, although due to my lack of outward charisma I tend to stick to writing and reading instead.
    It looks like you applied to join the Ghost Type Club, since I am still technically a mod there I can accept your form (which you filled out just fine don't worry) but I feel like I should warn you of the problem that the club has basically died. The last few active members there have basically disappeared and no one has posted in a week. So if you don't feel like dealing with a dying club you might want to reconsider joining. On the other hand since being a mod for the club doesn't waste any of my time and if you feel like building the club back up from the ashes I'd perfectly fine with helping you do it, not saying its impossible, its just gonna take some blood, sweat, and tears.

    On the other hand if you don't feel like putting up with that (I won't judge) at the very least I feel like I should say hi, something you should now about me though is that I tend to write a lot, I've been told that its one of the most attractive parts of my personality (grins clearly hiding the pain of being told by everyone that he writes too much and he should get to the point faster).

    Annnnd, third paragraph, I feel like I should stop soon... XD If you need anything go ahead and ask, if you don't like reading I guess don't reply to this message, although it will make me :'( on the inside. And yes I'm always this over-dramatic.
    Well if you do find ANYTHING you think I might like let me know ^_^
    I will hold your Mew for you (I do have many of them)
    Till then.
    Welcome to Serebii :D
    Do you have anything else interesting??
    Seriously just name anything off that you have
    that you think I might be interested in. ^_^
    Well it sounds fine :p
    What makes you thinks a Naval Rock Lugia though??
    Did this guy mention it was Naval Rock Lugia??
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