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Last Activity:
May 16, 2020
Mar 28, 2008
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Pokemon Training

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Master Tactician

Viv was last seen:
May 16, 2020
    1. ShakLax
      Hi, I'm so sorry for the late response, I got horribly distracted from Harvey, and am just now playing again. I'd really love to trade with you if I'm not too late.

      I'm looking for HA Swinub and Cranidos! Offering various high IV pokemon! (Message for specifics!)
      Hi, do you still need them? If yes, I can breed them for you. I don't need anything specific, so you can give me what you like.
      Hi, yes I can still trade, I need only a few hours to breed them. No problem at all for the late response, I hope the situation is better now.
      I ask you only a thing: at the moment I'm looking for HA Passimian, Drampa and Chespin: if you have one of them, please give it to me in exchange. If not, no problem at all and give me what you want. :)
      My FC is 4270 5071 8508.

      P.S. I wrote you a visitor message because when I tried to write you a PM I saw this message: "Viv has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."
    2. cleftboywonder
      sorry about that pm i got mixed up with someone else feel free to ignore it :)
    3. CrusherTheFeraligatr
      Snivy's aren't available till after christmas.
    4. jstinftw!
      Sent you a PM! :D
    5. jstinftw!
      Let's see if we can spot each other in the tournament! Fill this out and I'll put it up in the Autumn Friendly Thread!

      Trainer Sprite: (Breeder, Scientist, Hiker, Roughneck, Preschooler, Youngster, Ace Trainer, or Ranger)
      OT: (Your in-game character's name)
      Location: (Where did you register yourself in the game?)
      Message: (What is the message that you put into the bottom of your Trainer Card?)

      Hopefully I can get some of you guys to fill it out! (Should have done this earlier. XD)
    6. boyerboy
      no my friend wants e to be more active with my friends. I'm bored...And you?
    7. boyerboy
      whats up? (stupid "too short messege...)
    8. MajalGuy
      Clean your box man, you can't recieve new messages. XP
    9. lokistarwind
      5-1 winning so far. The one I lost was due to parahax.
    10. lokistarwind
      Hay Viv saw you entered in the wifi tourney. Good Luck also tell me your win/loss score.
    11. B€ntley
      I have a DWf Rhyhorn if you want to trade against your DWf Lillup
    12. R_N
      Don't suppose you still have the original Bagon, eh?
    13. ConeOfSHAME
      Hai, I can trade an DWF rhyhorn for ur dwf eevee or vulpix.
    14. Viv
      All good! Thanks for the trade! ^_^
    15. Viv
      Yes, I'll offer lvl 1, female Mankey, the US for Tentacool now.
    16. lokistarwind
      ready also gts right?
    17. lokistarwind
      Got a mankey so trade is back on. vm me when ready.
    18. lokistarwind
      whats your fc?
    19. lokistarwind
      You ready
      4083 6349 8117
    20. Viv
      Hey everyone, all DW females are ready! I can trade for the next 2 1/2 hours if you can find me by then!
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