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  • I love both the Battle Frontier arc and DP the most, followed by Kanto and Hoenn, then the Orange Islands arc, BW1, BW2, XY, Johto, and DA being last.
    You won't regret it. Want to see the design of my favorite Digimon from the first season? She's an angel Digimon.

    Yeah, the show had a lot of heart back then. I still laugh and cry when watching the OS. It was really beautifully made and the music was incredible.
    I love Digimon. I know a lot of people thought Digimon was a Pokémon rip-off, but it's really not. Basically the only big similarities are the show's names and the facts that monsters evolve. Other than that, it is very different as the Digimon could talk to their human partners and it's more about saving the world than the Pokémon anime is. I think you'll really enjoy. You should give Season 1 a chance and then you'll know how you feel about it.

    Yeah, the show feels very childish for the most part now and it didn't used to feel that way during the OS.

    Exactly: same static thing again...and again...ugh. Me too! I feel the same way: it really does, gal. Then, his stupid 17 y/o chain smoker voice now in the English dub that doesn't fit him objectively speaking (he's 10 years old, yet they give him that inappropriate voice-- I hate it), and his stupid "I'm cool" lines make it that much worse. -_-

    As for how I feel about TR's current English voices, James sounds like a fat, nasally man in his 40s doing a bad imitation of Eric Stuart's James in AG, Meowth sounds like a 70 y/o chain smoking biker with a throat infection, and Jessie sounds like a washed out valley girl opera singer on drugs. Then, the ridiculously stupid alliterations, assonance, and all that nonsense lines they have them say that, again, makes it that much worse.
    That's fine :),I need to say sorry too, i'm can't stand this Poké Vs. Amour, this happend to the Ash/Satoshi Poll in the Tumblr, one Amourshipper said that AmourShipping was the best and many Pokéshippers start to rebloging and fighting, when i saw it, i needed to protect my poll, i wrote many things, i wrote something like that (the most popular shipping isn't the best) and everyone stopped the fight (feeling like a badass, just kidding xD)

    I know that you didn't mean for it sound bad, but some Amourshipper will think that you're bashing Amour, and the shipper needs to protect their shipping, and a fight will start
    No need to worry, that's fine :), friends?
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