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  • Yep, hay fever. Terrible! But oh well. My first final exam is on Tuesday. I'm going to be studying a lot tomorrow, haha.
    Dang man what happened then, if ya don't mind me asking? Oh is it allergies. XD What kinda allergies? Hay Fever or something like that?
    Sounds good. = )

    Yeah I'm doin' great man, thanks so much for askin'! I been playin' more of Dark Souls and just got my booty kicked by Sif ha, ha XD Dat wolf man, dat wolf. I at least got the Hornet Ring though, yay! I've also finished off a Doubles Team for a Tag Team I'm planning with a friend and ex-rival, gonna be so good! Just thinking up nicknames for 'em now. But right now I'm WRITING; YEAH. *Fistpump* Chrono Trigger fanfiction ha, ha XD It's my fave genre; Action and Adventure! With a bit of Horror ftw. And Romance because I'm a huge friggin' sap.

    How about you; how have you been?
    No worries. = )

    Ha, ha no worries. XD Hope you have fun with it! If you ever want a free Relaxed Iron Barbs Ferroseed and all just ask! I have Calm Bulbasaur with Chlorophyll too.
    Sorry about all that nuisance. XD

    Hope you enjoy your new Shuppet. Also sorry I was gonna give you an Iron Fist Chimchar but I guess you're set ha, ha XD
    Aww okie dokie then.

    I'll just start up my game. = ) 1805-2266-9731 IGN is Steven. What's your FC?
    Hey man I know it's only been two days but are you all right? You haven't died on me have you? XD

    I have your Pokémon for you plus something a little extra!
    Okay Bro, ready when you are!

    Actually sorry about the length. XD I have some extra presents for you too.
    That's it man! ;D Don't you worry about it.

    No worries ha, ha XD I'll have to grab your 'Mon from my Bank so two seconds man.
    Yeah sure man you got it. = ) I'll have to find a Jigglypuff but I can def. trade you a Shuppet.
    Yeah man. XD And of course! ;D X for me so I got Mega Char. X. I managed to get most the Y Mega Stones at least though.

    How about you?
    Don't worry about it! I was on a resedential with my team at the Prince's Trust so I was staying away from home for a bit and doing some team building exercises. I do apologise for not letting you know ha, ha XD
    Yeah it's always made me laugh tbh. XD Whenever I get my booty handed to me in D.Souls I just jump on Youtube and I'm all cheered up again. = ) And you'd be surprised! There's TONS of great videos out there just waiting to be discovered. It's a fun place!
    Yeah man sounds good. = )

    HELL yeah man! I LOVE the wacky racing; especially the fabled blue shell. Ftw. XD Actually reminds me of this. It's such a fun game. XD
    Pretty good, im doing a lot of running and my left arm got pulled so it really hurts to stretch it. However, whats life without a pulled arm every now and then huh?
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