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  • God bless you, darling, you've gotten me all teary-eyed. I'm so happy that I made somebody else happy. /redundant
    I'm so glad that you're positive about the future- everyone finds change scary, but you've got the guts to go and change your life. If that makes sense. Idk. So many people don't take opportunities because they find them scary, so the fact that you've made such a strong decision shows real character.

    Good luck with the next few months, I'm sure you'll do amazingly, and make tons of memories.
    You should know how much that means to me. A lot, in fact. Like a real lot *stretches arms* this much. Or more.
    Godspeed Little Sis. We'll see you for Christmas.
    Well, now I'm depressed too.
    This week has just been full of bad news and bad things happening.
    After such a lengthy explanation (which is appreciated), I feel bad about this response, but it kinda sums up as:

    In other news, due to the hacking of the forum this morning, I'm working on archiving the entire RP into my personal computer and two flash drives. Taking all night.
    Definitely go for the Devil Survivor games.
    The Raidou games aren't really that good (I got the first at game stop a while back, when it wasn't worth nearly so much). It's too confusing to get from place to place, unless you're willing to let a game guide do all the work for you.
    The DS games have a much better feel to them, and have much more of a Persona quality.
    Jesus mother of Christ I LOVE YOU
    You are the only person to remember.
    In my time zone it is now 12:01am on the 15th. My birthday is over. I am so massively disappointed in everyone else.

    But I love ya, sis <3
    I just peed myself.
    Two of my favorite games in one? I literally **** my pants.
    ... Well, maybe not literally, but it took all of my might to not do that.

    Windwaker Wii U can go suck a ***K! Fire EmblemxSMT is coming!
    Buongiorno mah dear

    Sis, I am all over this like a rash. Gonna go for X this time I think. It's going to be great.
    But yah, totes. Going for Fennekin, I think. My starter choices seem to have been following a pattern, lol, (Squirtle>Chikorita>Torchic>Piplup>Snivy>Fennekin) but it's just coincidence. I always go for the cutest one. Always

    Sis leave my tables alone or you will be boiled
    Yeah, I'm keeping it together. Fell ill last week though, it super-sucked. But back on my feet now, and ready to get back into this stuff.

    Thank you. I'm looking forward to it. The Sims is just mind-boggling sometimes with the amount of random stuff that has the potential to happen. I'm really hoping that this is one of my randomest playthroughs ever, it's going to be soooo hilarious.
    I have a new project with the Sims 3, and guess who the star is?

    Lace is probably one of my favourite characters. The faces and the hair available for the base game are kinda rubbishy and won't be accurate across the board, but at least I'll get the personalities. Lace's political journey is definitely going to be hilarious, especially as the rest of BEAST and other supporting characters pop up along the way.
    Don't worry, I was just reading them!
    Well, seeing as you're the only one who did a whole talk show thing with it, I think I'll have Lace actually asking all the questions people submit. I think it would be funny.
    Thanks, by the way! 8D I'm enjoying them at the moment.
    8D I kinda use it everywhere.
    I'm just playing normal. Getting my groove on first. Get awesome Personas, woo Naoto (remember to always woo Naoto. it's canon. Fo realz.), and win the game.
    Then start again and choose all the stuff I wasn't able to at first (all the courage options and such) while on hard difficulty with all my stocked Personas.
    Because I don't bring knives to gun fights.
    Oh, one thing I left out.
    I will ask you wait a day before you post. That way anyone who wants to get a word in can.
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