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Shinji, Toshiro, and Ulquiorra are my faves, Im here for fun! ^_^

This and Bleach
March 12
Favourite Pokémon
too young. :P


ILP said:

We're Mad.
Our 1st Squad Captain has an insane sweet tooth
Our 2nd Squad Captain is some super-ninja
Our 3rd Squad Captain is part wolf
Our 4th Squad Captain bakes cookies and cuts up anyone who makes him mad
Our 5th Squad Captain is some party-crazy army man
Our 6th Squad Captain is calm, prideful and pervy
Our 7th Squad Captain seems to be, barely, the only sane one
Our 8th Squad Captain is missing
Our 9th Squad Captain is a shy, respectful, boring and pervy
Our 10th Squad Captain hates some of our OWN captains
Our 11th Squad Captain is a sadistic maniac
Our 12th Squad Captain is an insane nerd
Our 13th Squad Captain is sleeping

That's Gotei 13​