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Void Ventus
Last Activity:
Oct 8, 2019
Mar 19, 2011
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Home Page:
Universe 12
Si, señor.

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Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna, from Universe 12

Void Ventus was last seen:
Oct 8, 2019
    1. Akwakwak
      Like I said we'll just have to wait and see.

      I think you can still have waifus regardless lol.

      Still don't have the pro, waiting on a few games before I do upgrade. Lol not a big fan of hers, I would normally say she's a wannabe Mariah Carey but then again Mariah Carey is a wannabe Mariah Carey lol with those lip synching performances
    2. Akwakwak
      We still don't know that do we?

      Yup, devs won't want to mess around with that and then there's the price, Nintendo is terrible at pricing their consoles.


      I always see you playing Persona 5, been wanting to check out Brave Exvius.
    3. Akwakwak
      The switch is gearing up to be the Wii U 2.0.

      Don't get me wrong the Wii U is a fine console, really good games on it but no 3rd party support, I really liked it though.

      I don't know about summer lessons man, it's too weird for me.

      Not true, I always see you online. Mostly been playing Titanfall 2.
    4. Akwakwak

      Nah, Summer lessons ain't that bad.

      Hmm, I'm still not sold on VR.
    5. Akwakwak
      Yes you do we go through this like every time lol.

      Helena, Momiji and Nyo are best girls. I don't think it's coming out lol, it might be to uhh creepy for Sony.

      I'm just waiting on Ace Combat.
    6. Akwakwak
      That's okay.

      It was a Christmas and a New Year, like every year.

      Ah, okay.

      I have the same problem, need to stop adding to my backlog.

      The Persona 5 CE looks really cool though.
    7. Akwakwak
      But I thought you liked Soulsborne?

      You still getting Nioh then, it looks more fast paced.
    8. Akwakwak
      Oh, I see. I guess that makes sense. I always thought you hated the store because of some store policy or something. At least they are generally well stocked for the most part kind of.

      You play any FFXIV?

      Thinking about getting it but then I don't even play video games that much so an mmo would probably be a waste of money, I still haven't played Bloodborne.

      Meant to post this here.
    9. pambihirang_nilalang
      hi there! sorry cant trade at the moment
      im at the office
    10. Akwakwak
      Yeah, I might pick up the soundtrack it's just too damn good, if they did anything right it's that.

      I thought you hated the Square Enix store?
    11. Akwakwak
      I'm not that interested in the Last Guardian right now. I'll probably wait until it goes on sale, I waited 10 years I can wait a bit longer. I don't know man, FFXV looks really good, the music alone makes me want to pick it up.
    12. Akwakwak
      I wish I could still enjoy games like I used to, I'm going through a slump. Or maybe I'm just getting old, I guess I'm just burnt out. Although seeing people like you who are enjoying themselves makes me want to play something agian. Admittedly I haven't picked up XV yet, heresy I know. I'm contemplating waiting for the complete edition with all the dlc included. I'm excited for the games coming out next year and I know that Nioh and Gravity Rush 2 will be day one buys for me and that they will get me to pick up the controller again but right now I'm kinda just like meh.

      Hime cut op.
    13. Akwakwak
      Ur leike da bigar Play estation fan bou ay evr meat.

      Also Genitana is best girl that is all.
    14. The Teller
      The Teller
      I can go on and on and on about the perfection that is the Disgaea series (though I haven't played Disgaea Infinite or the two Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? games, due to them not being strategy games or not being on the PSN or just being too expensive). And I meant more of a "I need a PhD in dadaism in order to understand this" level of mindf*uck. I enjoyed the Zero Escape series, for example. I've heard of the Danganronpa series, though I haven't played any of them (for fear of becoming too emotionally attached to everyone and I NEED to get the golden ending where everyone lives!!). I've heard of Steins;gate, but in name only. Don't know the plot or game mechanics. Actually, admittedly, I went back to Pokemon in the last few days, deciding to train up crustacean Pokemon (Kingler, Crawdaunt, and Clawitzer) to see which one is the best. I'm only at the "hatched and currently Super Training" stage so far. I'm going to keep an eye out for PSN deals, too. That's how I got most of my Vita games, actually. (Thank you, SquareEnix sale, and your "all Final Fantasy 1-10 games, only $5!" deal!)

      Now that I have your attention, though, have you played Vagrant Story? That's supposed to be part of the Ivalice setting, home to all the FF tactics games, and FF12 (which I never played; can't wait for the remaster!).
    15. The Teller
      The Teller
      I've seen Persona 4 Golden played through so much on youtube that I feel like I played it myself. Strangely, Persona 3 never seems to come up on anyone's "I should get" list. Right now I'm just sitting, quietly, waiting for Pokemon Moon to come out (forgive me, Father, for I have chosen a side).

      But yes! Do recommend other games in different genres! I like action, adventure, platformer, strategy, love me some story and character-driven games, and maybe even a rare kooky game every now and then. I just don't like shooty, hack-n-slashy, boring or "just too weird to wrap my mind around"-plots.

      And thanks for remembering me, when no one else did. You get a gold star!
    16. FrozenPhoenix96
    17. FrozenPhoenix96
      If you are willing to join Legends Untold but can't be bothered with training new Pokémon, then you could try Pokémon Showdown; a competitive online Pokémon simulator used by a lot of people who are into competitive battling. However, the choice is yours. And yes, I do got an PlayStation4.
    18. FrozenPhoenix96
      I'm spending most of my time planning things for the Clan/Guild. It's quite exhausting and hard, since I need to talk a lot of people about preparing things and get them to help me. Like making graphic artists create art as example. That kind of stuff.
    19. FrozenPhoenix96
    20. FrozenPhoenix96
      I'm doing great. I'm a guy by the way. And how are you?
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    Universe 12
    Si, señor.
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