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Void Ventus
Last Activity:
Oct 8, 2019
Mar 19, 2011
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Universe 12
Si, señor.

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Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna, from Universe 12

Void Ventus was last seen:
Oct 8, 2019
    1. FrozenPhoenix96
      Hey! Greetings! Hi! Aloha! Yo!
    2. Xionea
      I have slowly surfaced back into the Serebii forums, now I shall respond to the 5 month old response! Most of it is probably not relevant anymore, but I shall respond to the stuff that I can still work with!

      Did you ever end up getting the Bloodborne DLC? Did you ever end up eating some bacon in these last 5 months?
      Blurays are god and all, but to shell out an extra $5-$10 for an older anime, as an example, that looks just as good on a DVD, then I don't see the point. Subway was losing massive bank with the $5 Footlong deal, so they bumped up the price, trashed the jingle, and disappointed millions! (So glad I dont work there anymore).

      There's a site called aliexpress, it has a bunch of anime shirts and hoodies and cosplay stuff, ive bought from there a few times, no issues yet. Getting a couple more things from them too.

      I played F4 for maybe 2 or 3 days when it came out and havent touched it since. I'd most likely enjoy it more if I had the ability to mod it, but my comp cannot handle that game.

      No, you should definitely throw your Vita on the ground as hard as you can, I dont know if you knew this, but your Vita is secretly endowed with the magical powers of Cthulu, only piercing magic attacks can break it. Trust me, I'm a Cthulu doctor.

      Did you get Zero Time Dilemma? I got an apology from Amazon saying it might be late, gave me some money, then I received the game earlier than it said lol. The game is flipping fantastic.

      Hey, 2nd grade communication is better than what i can do in any foreign language.

      If I knew Hawaiian, I'd apologize in it for the 5 month fail.
    3. Weirdmadam
      Hi, I'm new to this. Think you can help me out? I don't quite understand what the site "is". I do know the Void League, so I thought I'd ask you for help. :)
    4. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      Good to know! I had no idea when their conference would be. When it comes to game companies I have a soft spot for Sony and Nintendo. I'll watch the Microsoft conference as well, though. I do own an Xbox One, but unfortunately I don't play it as much as I would like. Eventually I will get to playing the Witcher 3 on my Xbox. My brother bought me that game for Christmas. I might try to get Monday June 13th off. I don't like anything getting spoiled for me either. Especially when it comes to my favorite TV Shows lol.
    5. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      I'm not that good at Crash Bandicoot either. I failed to beat the high score :P Speaking of the Vita, I really need to buy some more Vita games. I'm on chapter 12 right now (I've been busy with work) but I'm looking forward to progressing in the game. That's good to hear! I want the franchise to have a good send off. Man I'm loving the Pirate theme in the game. What person doesn't want to look for Pirate treasure? Stealth games are so much fun man. The MGS games are some of my favorites. My buddy and I played a 1v1 match in TLOUS multiplayer. That was a lot of fun lol. It took forever to find each other, but it was fun.

      I platinumed AC II during summer 2012. During that summer I had too much time on my hands lol. What are your thoughts on the AC movie trailer?

      Honestly, Black Ops 3 is a pretty good game. I'm a fan of the more modern day CoD games, but Black Ops 3 is pretty good.

      You're definitely right. Doom is getting good reviews. It's a game that I'll be getting eventually! I just watched the Batman Return to Arkham trailer. The Arkham games are amazing! My favorite is Arkham City. Perhaps I will buy a 4K TV sometime this year.

      My PSN ID is grandchampion82. I'll send you a friend request!
    6. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      I was seriously happy when I saw that Crash Bandicoot mini game in U4. Oh my gawd that was awesome! Same here, Clickers are awesome. I love sneaking around and shiving them lol. Clickers are definitely no push overs. I enjoy using stealth whenever I get the opportunity. At times in Uncharted I love to use stealth as well. I'm that kind of gamer :P Honestly, I enjoyed the multiplayer in TLOUS. My buddies and I played countless hours of it.

      Nice, nice. I platinumed Assassins Creed II and Sega Genesis Collection. Those are the only two platinum trophies I have. I didn't spend all 8 hours exploring there, but I've spent quite a bit of time exploring there :P I'm a sucker for exploring lol.

      Exactly! Here comes that 1.0 review, but let's give every Call Of Duty title a positive high review....Speaking of Activision, how dare they only include CoD4 remaster with the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition. What a **** move! However, I'm not surprised by such a **** movie. It's Activision. I'm bitter because CoD4 is my favorite CoD. (Sorry for the random mini rant)

      I'm looking forward to playing the new Doom eventually. I enjoy Bethesda games, and the Doom games are fun. I used to play Doom all of the time on my N64. Ryan Reynolds had a pretty good performance in Green Lantern, but I wasn't very fond of the overall movie lol. Hopefully at some point I can buy a 4K TV :P I play games on my 32" Philips. It's a pretty nice HD TV actually lol. I like gaming on bigger screens more, but I couldn't pass up the price of the TV.
    7. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      That would be awesome if they added those graphics to The Last Of Us 2. The Last Of Us is a great game. I'm one of those gamers that doesn't care for a lot of games with zombies, but my gawd TLOU is fantastic! I've spent quite a bit of time exploring in U4. The game has beautiful mind blowing visuals! So far I've logged in 8 hours! Tonight I'll definitely be playing more. Right now I'm in Madagascar, and my gawd the scenery is beautiful!

      I remember that as well. Apparently they never played the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire....Lol. "Too much water" what a lame complaint.

      Adding new abilities/tools to the game is such a bad thing according to Mr. Colin....At least U4 is not like Call Of Duty. :P I'm loving the new abilities/tools so far. One of my favorites is having a rope at my disposal.

      Same here. Come on Joe get to that game review please! Those movies you just mentioned are terrible. When I watched Battleship I actually remember dozing off. Green Lantern....Poor Ryan Reynolds. Thank gawd Deadpool was good.
    8. Hunter Zolomon
      Hunter Zolomon
      I'm currently on Chapter 10! This game is so damn good man! The gameplay is amazing, and the graphics look stunning. The set piece is fantastic, I definitely agree! Uncharted 2 has been my favorite game in the series, but so far Uncharted 4 is looking like my new favorite! How many treasures have you found? Honestly, I don't see myself picking up every treasure, but I try to find what I can.

      I just saw that as well! :( Normally I don't pay much attention to IGN reviews, but they gave the game a 9.0. The only con that IGN listed was bloated third act.

      I'm looking forward to Angry Joe's review.
    9. Akwakwak
      Momiji is best girl.
    10. Akwakwak
      Maybe it was Areana.

      Well that sucks, sometimes they are a bit lazy when it comes to actually delivering the packages.
    11. Akwakwak
      I didn't see her in the video, It was in a screen shot or something. Maybe I'm wrong, eh I'll look for it just to be sure.

      Sweet, I ordered mine and it should be here by Friday.
    12. Akwakwak
      I could've sworn I've seen another character somewhere.
    13. Akwakwak
      Didn'the show another chick besides that one?
    14. Akwakwak
      So can I use an existing email? I'll end up making a new one just a question I had.

      Nah, I'll probs download it through HK account I make. I have never bought anything from play-asia, should I buy it rom there?
      Is it Gentiana? Gentiana is hnnnng, she's best girl lol. I have a thing for hime cuts tho.
    15. Akwakwak
      How would I go about making an asian psn account? I would rather have a physical copy of the game though.

      Lol but they forget about the all female cast of X-2. I usually don't care about censorship because it's usually something aesthetic but if the censorship includes removing part of the game or not releasing a game outright then yeah I'll be a bit pissed I guess.
    16. Akwakwak
      Ok then, stupid Team Ninja not releasing it in the US. Any word on a digital release on the asian PSN?

      The Japanese version got censored? What?
    17. Akwakwak
      I'm not white wolf, I'm Broseph remember?
      I wasn't requesting the pics but eh I'll take them I guess.
    18. Akwakwak
      Hey what seller did you order DoaX3 on Amazon from?
    19. Akwakwak
      Sweet, I'll have to look those up. I had the PS4 Gold headset but they broke when I moved.

      Sorry man, I don't know anyone who has a gaming pc.
    20. Akwakwak
      Hey what headset did you get? I'm in the market for one since my Gold headset broke when I moved.
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    Universe 12
    Si, señor.
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