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Void Ventus
Last Activity:
Oct 8, 2019
Mar 19, 2011
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Universe 12
Si, señor.

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Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna, from Universe 12

Void Ventus was last seen:
Oct 8, 2019
    1. Akwakwak
      Are you stoked that Sun/Moon may possibly have a Poke-Hawaii as their setting?

      As long as we get a badass The Rock clone as the champion that would be cool.

      Lol just imagine as you are playing through the game you run into The Rock clone pkmn champion.

      Hey, the champ of this region is me and the champ says what's your name?

      A prompt to type your name in appears.

      Halfway through the prompt you are interrupted.

    2. Xionea
      Yeah, there's another screenshot of the girl in-game, black hair. I should really play 999 before Zero Escape 3 comes out. If they come out in 2016, you can add P5 to that list *borrows sweaty, non-existent money to wipe off own sweat*

      Lalalalalala I didn't hear anything!!!

      Dang, I need to work at a hotel. Why must I live in a barren town?! My rude co-worker is older than me, like 3x older. Not a big deal though since I might start working nights there. I know how to say "waterfall" in Spanish. 2 years of Spanish classes didn't help. I don't know enough of a second language to talk smack to a co-worker in it. I guess I could say "baka" or something. You only get overtime if you work longer than 40 hours in a scheduled week. Otherwise it's normal pay.

      You should see the DLC weapons, they're so cool. My favorite is the Church Pick, which you can see me use in the Orphan of Kos battle. It transforms into a scythe, which gave me an eyegasm when I saw it.
    3. Xionea
      I like how you're gushing about Steins;Gate, and I literally remember very little about the series. I think I need to get the game myself someday. The anime just made it so complicated that my brain shut off after awhile. Darn time travel series being confusing.

      Really? Didn't know that. I know there's a glitch with Dogmeat involving a skill that gives you 50 more carry weight if you don't have a companion following you, and Dogmeat doesn't count for some reason. dang, I've been too lazy to finish the game, and now I learn you have to do it three times? Guess who's not getting the Platinum anytime soon?

      There's a Pokemon manga called ReBurst where humans combine with Pokemon. Digimon 1; Pokemon 1.

      I watched my cousin fight Data Demyx. We had to look up a video to see how to do it (neither of us tend to use magic besides Cure). I don't think CoM is any harder than Re:CoM. In fact, I think Re:CoM is probably the harder of the two with the extra Marluxia fights and the Zexion battle in Riku's path. Puh-lease, I can't even get past Minecart Mayhem in DKC. If Chiaki comes back in the anime (she better, she played a huge role in DR2), I'll probably scream from happiness and lose my voice.

      I wouldn't mind a P3DAN, but I'd have to beat the original before I'd play it. How have I still not beaten P3?

      Dead pixels are evil incarnate. Mine was on my SP on the middle left side of it. I have such a huge attachment to that SP though since it was my fist game console and my mom bought it for me when I went to visit my dad across the country when I was young. I couldn't possibly get rid of it. Ugh, I wouldn't be able to play that Vita with all those issues.
    4. Xionea
      Being greedy in Bloodborne has bitten me in the butt multiple times, and I feel like a lot of my dodges were just lucky. You should see my Watchdog battle lol. I had an NPC help me, and I ultimately decided that if the NPC died, I couldn't win, so the whole battle is me rushing attacks on it like the greedy freak I am.

      I get Chicken Bacon Ranch literally every day I work there. I'm surprised I'm not sick of it yet. Subway was sued once for serving 11in instead of a footlong, so they're more cautious of things like that happening again. Oh, so you were being paid 1.5x of what you were normally paid, that makes more sense. Because with online, you don't get the item right away. Humans are impatient, and they need their products NAOW.

      I'm heavily contemplating buying Picrites. I want to progress instead of waiting 2 weeks for one stage. If the DVDs were stuff I were interested in, I'd totally buy them off of you. How can you possibly like the Yo-Kai butt thing? Ugh. Even as a child I would've hated that.
      Really? Well I've never seen a Hyatt around here. It doesn't look like a Playboy sweatshirt when looked up close, but the ears and the school emblem on the chest slightly resemble playboy at a quick glance. See, I don't play MGS but I could identify that shirt if I saw it.
    5. Xionea
      Oh, sure, I've had plenty of BS deaths. Shadow Chie is pure RNG and can kill you in one turn, I had a random battle where the enemy got first strike and I went from full team of full health to just Yu alive with 1/3 of his HP, the list could definitely be longer, but I already gave up on that challenge. It's just too hard. I'm just going through the game normally when I'm bored.

      I feel like working at a hotel would be better than a fast food joint, but I'm sure it also has some disadvantages. Long story short, I work with an extremely rude co-worker who constantly tries to make it clear I suck at my job, even to the point where she goes out of their way to make me look bad. I didn't quit though, I'm working days that they don't for now until I drive. I'd walk out if I had to work at a KFC. And I'm fairly sure they can't force you to stay longer than you're scheduled to unless an emergency situation caused that to happen.

      Pfft, I used the Threaded Cane for majority of my playthrough of Bloodborne. Switched to the Church Pick during my DLC run because I learned very late that using the beginning weapon the whole game is not the smartest thing to do lol.

      Is RoboNaegi really confirmed as the main character, or are people just speculating that? Green haired girl? I don't think a green-haired girl has been shown yet. There's a promotional art that shows the dark haired girl in the background with a funky lighting effect that makes her look kind of green, but that's it as far as I know.
    6. Xionea
      Yeah, the weight system in F4 bugs me too, but after awhile I ended up only picking up stuff and materials I needed. Plus you can give stuff to your companions, so it's not a huge deal. There's trophies for each group with their quests, but I don't know if sticking with one will affect others. I know there's an endgame choice that determines trophies, but you can just not save before it.

      Well the TCG already has EX cards which don't need to evolve, so...

      Demyx was a weirdo, he didn't fit into OrgXIII at all. Hard as heck fight back when I was a kid. He took me a long time to beat. That, and Larxene in Chain of Memories. Those were my childhood nightmares that took me forever to beat. Now that I think about it, Chain of Memories was a really hard game for me to beat as a kid. Hades, Larxene, Captain Hook, Ursula, Twilight Town Riku Replica, Castle Oblivion Axel (had to grind to level 91 to beat him, I specifically remember that), they all took me a really long time to beat, but now are total pushovers. Have you had any experiences like that in childhood games? Thats my best hope for Chiaki returning, but the new game isn't gonna include old characters, so that's outta the question for now.

      2D baby otaku. Your move, wise guy. P4DAN should have let you change characters between songs, that would have been nice. Speaking of which, I still gotta buy the Miku and Adachi DLC...

      Oh, I don't blame you, I'd go buy a new TV if it had dead pixels on it. I can't stand that stuff. I have one dead pixel on an old handheld console that bugs me to death.

      Your driving circumstances remind me vividly of my ex-gf's situation. Her family can't teach her to drive for basically the same reasons, so she literally takes public transportation everywhere. She's done that from here in Minnesota all the way to New York and back, multiple times! I'm like that with Japan, except Japan will always be awesome. Geezum, that's like 4 times as many handheld consoles as me.
    7. Xionea
      I recommend Spicy Italian or Chicken Bacon Ranch. Those are my favorites, at the very least (still got that craving 20 days later? lol). Subway doesn't do $5 footlongs anymore. Apparently they lost a lot of money off of that. You got double pay on Thanksgiving? Lucky. I'm working on Christmas Eve, but that's gonna be really easy since we don't have to do anything in terms of prepping food. Some lady really hurt a kid during Black Friday? I swear, some people...

      Pokemon Picross isn't that hard. Even without Pokemon powers, I usually don't have much problem with them. I'm kind of contemplating spending money on it cause I can't progress anymore without Picrites, which I only get 7 a day. Tempted to just pay for them so I can just go through everything since I love Picross. I plan to see the Peanuts Movie, but I might just wait for a DVD release. The Youkai commercials are clever, but there's one with a Youkai that's literally a butt that puts me off.

      I've never heard of that hotel before. Is that Hawaiian-only? I mean, technically people do comment on my Nanami hoodie, but it usually ranges from "I like the ears" to "is that a Playboy sweatshirt?". Hey, if I ever see your MGS shirt, I'll comment on it for you. I don't play MGS games, but I can still notice it when I see it. Grisaia may be erotic, but the sweatshirt design is really really cool. I don't have any eroge shirts, and I don't plan to. Unless it's Nekopara, then I'll wear the heck out of it (not publicly, though).

      They all had pretty sucky lives, but yeah, pink haired girl's was the worst. Once you know what to do, the game goes by pretty fast on a second run, especially if you skip all the cut-scenes and dialogue. Did he? It's been a little while since I've seen the end of DR2, so my mind's a little fuzzy.
    8. Xionea
      That's my Youtube channel.

      Will definitely respond to this stuff later today because you sent it back on Dec 5th, and that's just me being a terrible procrastinator right there. I'm sowwy QQ
    9. Xionea
      Danganronpa 3 information and screenshots!!!!!!!!
    10. Xionea
      Your parents can't assist in driving lessons? I actually don't know exactly how old you are. All I know is that you were born in '95. But look at Hawaii from the mainland's point of view, where it looks beautiful 24/7 (regardless if that's true or not). Time to get another Vita along with your 20 PS4s?

      To be fair, I'm torturing myself in P4G, so I don't see the appeal in that. However, I've been playing P4G a bit during the drives to visit family these past few days (2 Thanksgivings in 3 days. Kill me). Just beat Shadow Yukiko (on a normal playthrough). I don't see why people said she was easier in P4G, she felt signifigantly tougher. I lost to her a good 5 times before I beat her compared to the original which only took me 2 tries.

      I'm sure some people enjoy truck beds, but I'm not stupid enough to risk my life doing that while breaking the law. I can see the appeal of it, I'll give you that.

      It seems like hotel work would be more of a seasonal thing, so I see your point. I might also have to find something else. I can't stand Subway. I actually almost quit (keyword almost) and walked out on them a little over a week ago, dunno if I told you that yet or not.

      I've seen videos on her, I know she's no easy. She just never used her dumb 1HKO laser attack on me, so I got lucky. I haven't finished the Chalice Dungeons yet, I've done a few, but I need to look up a guide to see how to unlock the one with Yharnam in it. I also have never seen a video of the Yharnam fight, so if I beat her easily, feel free to call it major skillz. After that I gotta decide on getting a new USB drive or get PS Plus to get the last few trophies in it.
    11. Xionea
      I didn't notice those notes dropped by the robots in my first playthrough. I had to grab them during my second run of the game for the trophies. Once I found them and read them, well... ouch. Breaking the remote, no matter at what point you do it at, leads to the same result: Komaru saying how fireworks were going off for her, when actually they were explosions everywhere signifying the adults rebellion, leaving us with her somber line "What have I done?". See, it didn't register to me that that was Hajime at first. IT wasn't until you mentioned him being in that form that I remembered.

      Fallout 4 isn't bad from what I've done so far since most of them are just quest trophies, but I have a glitched storyline right now with the Brotherhood, so I'll have to complete those on another character or something.

      The Pokemon TCG doesnt usually add new mechanics, but it has been recently, adding Dragon and Fairy types, Mega evolutions, and the new Break mechanic, which I don't really understand yet.

      How awesome would it be to soprano Shadows to death? They could still pull something out of their butt and make Chiaki real. She still showed up to talk to Hajime even after she had her execution, and heck they brought back Junko (kinda), so who knows?

      But you know what otakus DON'T contribute? Babies. No, not a robot, just an obsessed Naoto lover. Plus, he spent like half an hour attempting it.

      I don't think I've ever seen or frankly even heard of that movie. Ugh, dead pixels are the worst thing. Oh, well if the 4K TV was less expensive, I have nothing to argue.
    12. Xionea
      Eh, don't worry about it. I think it was only a Subway thing. As far as I know, it's only the first year they did it (that day sucked working, if I didn't mention that!) Funny, I had to work Black Friday all day with one other person, and that was pure torture. Imagine that we had no food prepped since we were closed on Thanksgiving, so only two people had to prep the entire store and open during the lunch rush. It was the dumbest thing ever. How was your Black Friday?

      3x faster internet, how nice would that be? I'd get Z day one as well. I actually want to get that Pokemon Picross game as well. I'm a sucker for Picross games, so that's a perfect game for me. Isn't Yokai Watch out now? I've seen a lot of ads for it. And is it the first Yokai Watch, or is it one of the later Yokai Watch games labeled as such?

      Tobias needs to reappear someday. I need more Darkrai hax. Heck, I just want to see what else he has.

      Oh, you work at a hotel, I didn't realize that (or maybe you told me and then I forgot, idk). I wear that Nanami hoodie a loooot. I love it so much. Even just bought a Grisaia sweatshirt the other day, so I'm excited for that to arrive. It'll be my 3rd nerdy/geeky sweatshirt lol. If I was into Killzone or MGS, I'd probably be all over those shirts.
    13. Xionea
      He bought the truck thinking to himself, "I wanna do flips like that, too." You Hawaiians scare me. I mean, stupid people are gonna do stupid things, so don't be a stupid person who does stupid things, ok?

      I work 5 straight days all the time. I'm actually getting my first consecutive Saturday-Sunday off since I started working here! Woop woop!

      So I'm mostly done with Bloodborne now. Took a break for a couple days to catch my breath. Turns out the Wet Nurse boss was surprisingly easy, beat her on my third try. I got past the wolf thing really easy as well. Yeah, I kinda complained to you about them after attempting both things one time only. Heh... I thought Ebrietas Daughter of the Cosmos would give me a lot of trouble, but I also beat her on my 3rd or 4th try because she didn't use her laser attack at all. So yeah! Just gotta fight the final boss and do the chalice stuff, and I'll basically be done with the game. Only problem is I don't have a compatible USB drive to save my file, so I either buy PS Plus, or I go through the game 3 times. Gonna mull over that before I actually fight the last boss.
    14. Xionea
      Jeepers creepers! That's 1/10 of the space I have! The 4K TV seems like a pointless purchase in that case... Why buy it?

      I could take the driving test immediately, but I want to be more comfortable driving before I do. When I get it, I'd like go on a road trip and explore around a bit. I rarely ever get to go out of my state. I'd visit you, but I can't drive on water, so... I don't trust Black Friday with its old ladies tearing off each others' wigs to get the cheapest prices. A Glacier White Vita sounds pretty slick.

      If... If you insist...

      Yeeeah, I don't think I'll even be able to beat Shadow Yukiko at the rate I'm going. Apparently I only get 60% exp from winning a battle, coupled with the fact that everything can 1-2 shot me, and more, it's not looking good. If I could at least get the fox, I could at least infinitely train without worrying about a time limit, but it's not looking good. Beating Shadow Chie is pure RNG, so Shadow Yukiko is probably next to impossible.
    15. Xionea
      I don't know if you've actually finished UDG by now (darn PS4 stealing my life), but there's some pretty interesting twists in the final chapter (chapter 5) to look forward to. Monaca is bat-spit crazy, I'd love to have her as the main villain from now on. I'm already addicted to trophy hunting, have been for a long time (I'd make up some for Nintendo games which took most of my childhood life). I just don't have quite as much time to focus on collecting them, some would takes hours to do.

      But the Pokemon TCG just added a new mechanic in it and it looks so coooool!

      If they could combine rhythm and the typical fighting, I'd be all over the idea. I don't want it to be like KHII Atlanta again.

      I don't think FF would let Hajime join since he's a Remnant of Despair. Chiaki at least has a small possibility of becoming real, despite being "killed", I'm hoping it'll happen. My Danganronpa waifu needs to come back!

      Some artists keep everything uncensored under the censors for the day that Japanese law changes and lets them have uncensored versions again.

      I let my cousin play P4DAN when I was visiting him. He almost beat the All Night version of Marie's song, which is one of the hardest songs in the game, without cheats. I get like 5 seconds in the song, panic, and then lose.
    16. Xionea
      7Mbs lol.

      Pokemon Z will be fabulous. They better add more clothing options. I don't think the elevator spiraled down, but it's been awhile since I've seen the case, so I won't confirm or deny anything til I see it again (whenever I bother to get to that on my game).

      GoT actually shows below the belt? Woah, I need to watch it. I want to see Tobias again so badly. I really want to see what else he was carrying with him.

      Depends if the ant-sized Hulks still have the same strength, or if it's scaled. I'm giving you a hundred slaps to the wrist every time you talk smack about Birdo.

      Do you live in an apartment or something? Is that why you heard random people doing the dirty? If so, that's really inconsiderate considering how many people could hear that. The backpack wasn't included, it's literally just the hoodie part. I didn't buy it for cosplaying purposes, I bought it for everyday life, so I don't feel ripped off. Breaking the street date can get your store in trouble though, that's what's getting to me.
    17. Xionea
      Sorry if I'm taking my time to respond to the Serebii stuff. If it wasn't obvious, the PS4 has taken over my life for the past couple weeks. I'll respond to this stuff on Wednesday of Thursday, because tomorrow is National Sandwich Day, and that means a "buy one get one free" deal at Subway! I get to work 10 hours on that day, and it's gonna be literally the biggest nightmare of my life.
    18. Xionea
      Platinum Trophy #2, Ultra Despair Girls! Feels good finally getting these sexy things. I... I need MOAR!!!!
    19. Xionea
      Yes, Grisaia does have both full-on nudity and sex scenes (I think there's 17 sex scenes total?). Their junk is pixelated, but the boobs are uncensored and awesome. Steam's version is a more family friendly version, removing the sex scenes to fit their guidelines, but Denpasoft (who translated the game) has the full version on their website.

      Really? I was really into the entire second half of P4DAN. I didn't mess with song settings much because I was doing them with invisible notes and getting like 100k yen per song.

      2TB, nice. You can fit, like, 2 games on there. I kid, I kid.

      Gonna try to get my license within a month or so, we'll see how that goes. I mean, my mom is just being a mom, making sure I spend my money wisely. She doesn't need to know I'm dropping $400 on a system and games so soon after buying a car. But don't you already have a PS4, why buy another?

      Hope your Vita makes it through all the torture you put it through.

      Speaking of P4G, I started P4G on Very Hard the other day. Let me tell you, freaking Shadow Chie is sooooo annoying! Her fight is pure luck on Very Hard. You can't leave the place to train, you can't buy extra items, Yosuke is weak to Shadow Chie's moves, and so on. I only won because she missed a game-changing Mabufu on both of my characters on the same attack.

      That's crazy, I've never seen anything like that happen. I honestly can't explain how the truck is flipped like that, inertia maybe had a role in it? I'm not a science major.
    20. Xionea
      I asked my boss today how stupid requests are handled (like cutting shapes in ham like you said as an example), she said we don't do that. Hope that didn't break your Subway heart.

      I actually went and finished Ultra Despair Girls yesterday, I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I got a rank C in both chapter 4 and 5, so no trophy for me. Luckily, after you beat the game you can replay chapters, but I'm gonna have to replay it to collect everything anyways if I want to go for the Platinum. Monaca is awesome, I love how insane she is. I'm just waiting for Miku's DLC before I get both. I mean, they didn't do an English version for any of the songs, so I don't see why they would have for Calystegia.

      At least Pokemon TCG stayed more or less the same.

      I'd rather not smell like an old man fart, you got me.

      I'm sure Let It Go will find it's way in KHIII. Little Mermaid had some singing in it and still acted as a full world back in the first game, so it might be similar to that.

      Oh god, I completely forgot about the long hair. OH, I wonder if that's what it was... (this might make more sense later)

      Gotta keep some Visual Novels 2D though, we can't lose the feel of it!
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