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Void Ventus
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Oct 8, 2019
Mar 19, 2011
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Universe 12
Si, señor.

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Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna, from Universe 12

Void Ventus was last seen:
Oct 8, 2019
    1. Xionea
      Sure, it would be a big deal if it went down immediately and no chance of it coming back up.

      Well there's a guy who modded what Zygarde 10% Forme would look like on X&Y, but that's the only example I can immediately think of. I'll admit Danganronpa 2's trials are tricker. Heck, I couldn't even figure out some of the answers when I was watching a playthrough of it before I got the game myself. The Ch4 building only made sense once there was a diagram showing the building layout.

      I knew GoT had breasts, but I didn't know it actually had love scenes. Newer OP games, you mean? The Mega Evolution guy probably only wants to see them or something like a loser.

      Those tiny Hulk hands are pretty scary... Birdo is a guy, but sure, we'll say he's the prettiest Nintendo character. I won't argue with that.

      They basically wrote the letter to be a couple of birches. Another coworker friend who works here was telling me how they were talking about it at school and stuff. Even if they were both tsunderes, I wouldn't want to date either of them anymore, I've heard enough about them from other people to know it's not worth it. I probably would have cared less if my old roommate pleasured himself. He never made any noises while he and his gf did the dirty, only his gf moaned a lot.

      The look no different than they do on a DS. Sure, that's exactly what it looks like, minus the skirt part. I thought that's considered breaking the street date, and could get them in trouble.
    2. Xionea
      I really enjoyed the storyline of P4DAN at about chapter 4 and on, once the mystery was being investigated more in-depth. Stayed up til 3am to finish the story that day lol. If Naoto wasn't in P5, that'd be a huge missed opportunity. I've done like 10 songs on Hard, and I have about a dozen King Crazy ranks on Easy and I think 2 on Normal. I tried one All Night song and lost soooo quickly.

      Only one I didn't buy was the glasses one. Figured they wouldn't really stand out too much to be worth the buy. Still might cave and buy them in the future. I don't think I'll spend that much on the PSN.

      Yeah, I saw the PS4 price cut. Sadly, that came at a bad time for me cause I literally bought a car like a week ago, so that cut my savings pretty heavily. But what I plan to do is once I get my license, I'll probably just drive to the nearest Gamestop and buy one without my mom knowing. Ooo, I'm such a rebel!

      That Vita problems sounds annoying. There's a new Vita color?

      I bet once I get back into it, I'll solve the Monokuman rooms in one try. But I'm in a P4 mood cause of P4DAN, so I'm gonna go through P4G on Very Hard because why not.
    3. Xionea
      But everyone knows the pink bunny acid-boob lady. Everyone.

      Oh geez, remind me not to get into competitive Yugioh with my current knowledge of the game. Oh, really? I don't really know anything about Ra as a card, so I didn't know those were anime effects.

      Oh, well yeah the absent silhouettes aren't hard. Those are babies of the Cavern of Remembrance versions. Keep talking bad on Xion and you're gonna wake up one day in a pit of spiders.

      I actually never considered Frozen as a musical world, I thought it would work great as a normal world based on what you said. Mononoke is darker than most of Ghibli's films. It's worth the watch whenever you get a chance to.

      Clearly the person who wanted to impregnate Junko wasn't thinking straight.

      Never played Minecraft? That's pretty impressive. Seems like it's one of those games every gamer has played at least once.

      You should be getting 8 hours + 30 minutes off to eat (I'm just under the assumption you work 8 hours a day), you don't lose time and only work 7:30 because of it, at least you shouldn't.

      Ok, a 3D Jabberwock Island would be pretty cool.

      There's a Vita version of Grisaia coming out in America soon, but I don't know if they have to censor it to bring it to Vita here. I already own the official uncensored version on my computer, so I don't really need to get it again. Plus, the game is a good 70+ hours. I can't imagine finding and carrying a translated script for that!
    4. Xionea
      The underwear I'm sponsored by is the one that you're wearing RIGHT NOW!!! I confirmed the note because they were parked outside the store at the time in one of their friend's car. Also sad story time, the "secret admirer note" was just a joke. The girls came in yesterday, so I asked how serious the note was, their response being "zero to none" and laughing at me. Not like it was a big deal anyway, I don't plan on dating a high schooler. I was gonna shoot them down if it was serious, so it worked out. No, my former male roommate had his girlfriend over everyday (to the point she was practically living there) making sweet love to each other. I never heard anything from my female roommate. And I doubt they even knew I could hear them through those thin walls.

      Oh cool, didn't know the 3DS could do that. I don't think the skirt is connected to the sweatshirt though. I didn't buy a cosplay, I only bought the sweatshirt. I don't really know if that's how a midnight release works, but if it does, it does. I have yet to buy a single Amiibo. I still want Lucina and Lucina only, but she's impossible to get right now without spending $40 from a scalper.

      Uhh, I don't know about cutting shapes in ham, probably not if it's just gonna hold up a line during lunch rush. I mean, I've drawn stupid things inside cookie boxes upon request, so I guess cutting shapes from food isn't out of the question. Just the fact that you guys don't use gloves is enough for me to dislike KFC even more. They actually could cosplay Junko and Mukuro pretty well based on how they look.

      It might just be because I find shooters repetitive in general. I kind of wished it was more puzzle-based, that's all. Speaking of P4DAN Platinum trophy, I got it myself! It's my first Platinum trophy ever! WEE!!! Sure, it was easy like you said, but I'm still happy I have one.
    5. Xionea
      A mass hysteria causing WWIII? Interesting...

      I've seen people modding X and Y recently. I don't think the trials are too hard. Sure, there's a couple "How the heck am I supposed to know that?!?!" moments, but for the most part it's not too bad. I think the only one that REALLY confused me was ch.4 in Danganronpa 2. The building layout was so hard for me to figure out.

      And here we now have Game of Thrones showing gore and breasts because it can. I mean besides Ace's name change, there was the Zoro/Zolo one, but that's a bit more understandable because of Japanese pronunciation. Funimation is airing their version of One Piece now, so it hasn't really died (I think they skipped a bunch of arcs to catch up with the Japan releases when they started it up a couple years back. Not really sure what's going on with it now though). I believe it airs on Toonami as well. Why must Ash get rid of all his good Pokemon? C'mon, man! Also, I was just looking at his team, 6 badges in and only 5 Pokemon, 3 of which are flying??? What are you doing?!

      *brings out foam fist* Female. Robin.
    6. Xionea
      Ah nevermind, I figured out the problem. I didn't have some application updated for the game, so it couldn't activate a couple DLC stuff. It's all good now
    7. Xionea
      Ended up buying all the DLC in P4DAN, howeeeeever, The song with Marie in it is not showing up in my game for some reason... Tried redownloading it a couple times, still doesn't show up. This is kind of bugging me considering I payed for it.
    8. Xionea
      My mom was driving, plus she doesn't really care enough about games and anime to "sneak a peek" or anything. I'd have to force the stuff on her to get any kind of reaction. However, I don't think she'd appreciate me watching sex scenes in front of her, which is why I kind of avoid playing stuff like The Fruit of Grisaia around her.

      I just got the normal edition of P4DAN. I would have only got the Disco Fever edition for the extra song and the CDs, but an extra $30 didn't feel worth it. I'm just gonna buy all the DLC when the Miku one becomes available. I figure I'd rather just buy all the DLC in one go and ignore the price for them all. So I actually got the game early, and I've been playing the heck out of it these last couple days. Haven't done too much with the main story yet because I've been doing Free Dance much more (which actually spoils the boss battles in the story mode, oops). I'm trying to get better so I can beat Hard mode songs without too much items affecting them. The Junes vocals theme was a nice addition. My favorite song, however, would be Snowflakes (Narasaki remix) danced by the lovely waifu herself!
    9. Xionea
      Marluxia also took me dozens of tries and learning a gameplay mechanic (blocking) I've never used before. I'll never accept Xion is dead. I watch her death scene too much that I refuse to accept it.

      I wouldn't mind Sven and Olaf taking over for Donald and Goofy. Time to let the dog out and put the duck in the oven, I say. I know there's people who have theorized all the OrgXIII real names, but knowing which ones become official would be nice to know. Definitely watch Princess Mononoke if you ever have a chance. It's my favorite of the ones I've seen.

      Wait, everyone did something with her corpse???

      Wait, is Dragon Quest Builders basically just a Minecraft clone? That's what it looks like.

      If you had 30 minute breaks, I'm guessing you weren't being paid while that was going on. I had 30 minute lunch breaks at my first job, and I didn't get paid during that time.

      3D Danganronpa would be kinda cool, but it would lose a lot of it's uniqueness. I guess if the Vita version sticks with the original, then whatever I guess.
    10. Xionea
      Oh, I thought DSi region-locked everything because of the camera. That's good to know (not like the phat DS is that expensive anyways). I haven't bothered to look up hentai of Danganronpa yet. Thanks for the idea though. No, there's no Chiaki skirt with the hoodie. That'd be slightly more awkward to wear otherwise. How did you get the games a day early? We may not have hype for big games at midnight release anymore, but that won't stop things like Amiibo.

      No, switching vegi order does not make a difference as far as I know. I have had people who want specific amounts of stuff on their sandwiches though (3 jalapenos, 2 tomatoes, 3 pieces of spinach on the left side, not the right, and so on). Even if you deep fry it, that's still kinda disturbing to know. They may be identical, but their hairstyles are so radically different that it's impossible to mistake them for each other (I've seen them with the same hairstyle in a recent picture, and I couldn't tell who was who lol).

      Yeah as much as I like Ultra Despair Girls, it's slightly repetitive (plus it's a shooter, which I'm not a big fan of in general), so I'm holding off on it a bit while I work on other games.

      I have seen the Queen's Blade snake lady before. I think I've seen all the characters at one point or another, but a lot of them didn't really stick out from what I recall.

      XYZ monsters sound kind of game breaking in a way... I only read the first few chapters of the manga yeeeeears ago, but I don't even remember anything. Speaking of Yugioh, I'm almost done with the Marik vs Yugi duel. I still laugh at how he basically lost to Joey (darn cheating life force drainer BS!) and then can play so well against Yugi.
    11. Xionea
      Time to destroy the Internet and rebuild it from scratch?

      Imagine all the modding you could do if a Vita used SD cards. Well, I already got the trophy, so no big deal. And I've never seen a failed trial, so I automatically assumed you restarted the entire thing over again.

      Oh dur. The sad thing is I know about localization, but it didn't click that it WAS localization. I don't really understand the mindset of some American censoring, so who really knows. I don't mind localizing names, especially if it's a kid's show trying to make the name easier for kid's to remember, but I still think Ace would be perfectly fine. The One Piece rap was literally the coolest thing in my childhood. I usually hate rap, but I always make that one an exception. Oh yeah, Ash never evolved his Gible, I forgot about that. He can evolve a Snorunt in a few episodes, but he can't evolve a Gible even once. What does that say about your training, Ash?

      It's a good model, that's for sure. But I gotta go for Female Robin. Sm4sh waifu and main, all the way!

      I will not confirm or deny I am a gorilla in a thong. Oh, so I did indeed confirm that it was the two girls I thought it was who gave me the secret admirer note, but it sounds like it was more of a tease than anything else. Or that was just a lie to cover up their hot blazing love and desire for me. Don't worry, I've listened to moaning everyday for months when I lived with my roommate, you learn to ignore it after awhile.
    12. Xionea
      10 hours both days. I don't mind standing still all day, it's just that 10 hours with a 5 minute break to eat is pretty sucky (the ones who smoke get multiple smoke breaks, and here I am with one 5 minute break).

      I don't think there'd really be much improvement from Vita to PS4 for DR3. There's not much in terms of graphics to improve on.

      Byakuya, the man we all wish we could be. Him or the sexy gorilla. One of the two.

      And HD Aqua at that!

      Nah, I had headphones when any sounds where going on, so it's all good. I did read the tutorial part out loud cause I thought it was funny.

      I didn't get P4Dance on the day it came out, but I did buy it. I should be getting on the 5th. Then I'm totally getting the Miku DLC cause she looks hawt.
    13. Xionea
      I've aced all Monoku-Man rooms so far besides one that ripped me off because one of the Monokumas spotted me when there was no way he should have been able to. I haven't done much in Ch4 yet since I've been busy, but I can tell already it's gonna be constant escort missions.

      Jaden's not a professional actor (has he even had proper acting courses?), I can tell right now it won't be a good reboot. Ah, Queen's Blade. I loved that first episode. I gotta get back into that since I've only watched about half of the first season.

      XYZ cards? I'm guessing they're not like those XYZ cards that combined early in the series? (I don't remember the names, like X Cannon, Y Dragon Head, and Z something). I can't imagine all those episodes after Battle City are nonsense. They gotta relate to the story or something in some way.

      Larxene in II.5? Easy? I can barely touch her she moves so fast! Marluxia has been the only one I've been able to beat so far! I break everytime I was Xion's death scene.

      I loooove sad endings so I'm hoping someone important doesn't make it out alive. I enjoyed seeing all of Organization XIII die, especially Axel, but then NOPE they're all alive and humans again! I've actually never seen Totoro. I've seen Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Princess Mononoke (best one I've seen), but that's it I think.

      Wait what? Someone went all necrophilia on Junko's corpse???? I would have guessed Nagito over Teruteru. Nagito is crazy, yo. Mikan's outburst was probably intentional to cause lingering doubts.

      Guess I'll wait til December for a price drop hopefully. I got time at least since most of the games I want are now coming out in 2016, minus one or two.
    14. Xionea
      Zero Suit Samus isn't bad, but I'm not one for the "sexy" look. I'll go for cute/pretty any day.

      I wouldn't mind a good looking gorilla sporting some underwear and strutting his stuff. Make all the ladies swoon. Funnily enough, the other day at work I actually got a note on my bike that says I have a secret admirer with a lipstick kiss on it. I have a good idea of who it is (well, two ideas, neither being the girl I mentioned before), but if I'm right, they're both in highschool, so I'm not sure how well that'd work out since I'm 19. Oh ok, so the concert was a Hatsune Miku one. A vocaloid would sound terrible without the synthesizers since those make it.

      No, I didn't see him in real life, I saw an article. Oh yeah, I forgot the DS was region free. Too bad that mine's a DSi, so that doesn't work. OK it turns out the Mikan scenes were also "censored" like that in the Japanese version. I looked up the Japanese playthrough I watched originally, but they're exactly the same as the ENG version. I could've sworn they weren't like that... The Chiaki hoodie looks awesome in real life. I would also like Nagito's, but I figure his would be more expensive being mostly a trench coat. As president of the Golden Shower fanclub, I'm disappointed you will not become a member. I've never been to a midnight opening for any game ever. I bought Sm4sh on day one at like 6am, but that's as close as I'll ever get to a midnight release.

      I have no idea why I wrote "= better than". There's a little cheat sheet for sandwich layouts that I frequently resort to. Of course we wear gloves! That'd be unsanitary if we didn't! No gloves at KFC? Glad I don't eat there then. I knew about Jared, I just didn't know his name. I also rarely watch TV or watch the news, so a lot of stuff goes over my head. No, her name is a double name. She and Ally are identical twins. No triplets involved.
    15. Xionea
      (Gonna try to shorten our convo a little bit. If I miss something you wanted an answer to, call me out on it)

      Sony just wants that $$$. I guess you have a good point. As someone who focuses more on Nintendo games and consoles, the things they do are kind of my default. But I've also never broken/lost a console, so I don't know why I'm even concerned in the first place. You're basically not allowed to have waifus in Danganronpa. I usually save before each minigame in trials specifically so I don't have to redo anything if I mess up.

      I watched a video earlier about the lesser known censorship parts in Pokemon. A lot of them where like "lol look at 4Kids being dumb-butts", but then I read a comment mentioning that a lot of the censorship was of cultural things (onigiri, girl's day, etc) to partially make it easier for a little kid to understand. Since a lot of those things come from a foreign land and very unfamiliar here, it would be complicated to have to explain that to young children (because remember that kids half our age is the audience in question). Would I agree with that now? Probably not. I don't think there's anything wrong with cultural diversity and so on. But I'm pretty sure it was a bigger thing back in the late 90s and no one wanted to deal with it back then. That aside, I have no explanation for other censorship issues *cough*Trace/Ace*cough*. Anyone who says they didn't like the OP OP is lying in your face. Ash also doesn't know how to evolve Pokemon, so y'know...

      No worries, I also have a big backlog of games (don't actually remember the last time I finished a videogame...)
    16. Xionea
      Not sure if you just forgot to respond to the rest or just didn't want to, but whatevs. We definitely need to end some of the conversations to make typing this go faster, or find an alternate way.

      I hope the PS4 price drop happens soon here. I think everywhere but here and the UK(?) have a price drop planned or in effect.

      I don't follow events very well, but I do see what social websites post and whatever my cousin links me on Facebook. The 2015 release date was moved, not surprised about that one. But from the trailers they've shown, it looks sexy as heck, and my desire for the game continues to grow and expand like Donkey Dong. I hope the BbS0.2 is at least a little decently lengthed. I read it was gonna be short, but I'd rather it not be only an hour or two or something pathetic.

      Yeah, Genocide Jack definitely made that section easy. And yes, that last bit of chapter 3 was erotic. I actually reached that section while I was in the car with my mom heading to a renaissance festival, so that was slightly awkward.
    17. Xionea
      Takes me at least an hour based on how long our conversation is getting.

      I. Want. That. Game.
    18. Xionea
      If it comes down to it, I'll buy the PS4 at full price, but I'm holding out for now. Too many things I want on it coming out.

      The P5 Teaser website is up but all it says is "Coming Soon". And didn't KH 2.8 get announced and a KH 2.9 leaked earlier (unless those are the same thing)?

      Oh duh, I keep forgetting about using Genocide Jack. I've rarely ever used her in the game. That'd probably make the section a lot easier. Oh, I'm excited to get to that fanservice fight~

      So I ended up working a total of 20 hours in only 2 days, and this is my day off. My legs are killing me from standing all day. Knick-knack patty-whack, I'd love to be a billionaire!

      I saw that V3 announcement, I'm super hype about it. It was already confirmed a 3rd game was being worked on, but it's good to see an announcement. If UDG ends up on PS4, I would be all over that. Imagine how gorgeous it would look on there. I already love how it looks on Vita, but the PS4 would be AAAHHH!

      That VR class trial looks like it would be more confusing. Asahina jumped on the words? What's even going on?!?!
    19. Xionea
      That's too bad, I'd love to see Exodia win a duel again. Oh, my friend has that Dice game on GBA too. I tried it once, but I was so confused that I ultimately rage quit it, but that was before I saw that section in the anime. If they took out the unique abilities for the Deck Masters, I feel like it would have been a fun *optional* addition to the game. I wouldn't want it permanent, but as an optional choice, it would have added a lot more depth in the game. Eggs? I've never seen either PS2 game, so I have no idea what they look like. The GC game was really hard from what I remember, but I may have just been using whatever looked cool, and thus used weak monsters, who knows. Yeah, I finished the Joey vs Marik duel. Lava Golem is such a weird card to use, but I'm almost sure you can fight using it if it's on your side of the field, despite it being given to you. The sad thing was that Joey would have won that fight, but he ended up passing out right before the finishing blow to Marik. Haven't Pendulum monsters been out for years? They're the black cards, right? I remember seeing some back in Sophomore year, which was 3 years ago. I've seen the Yugi vs Atem duel, but it's still fuzzy in my head on how it went. All i really remember is the winning move involving Slifer in a box. Also, what in the world happens between the Battle City Arc and the Yugi vs Atem duel? That's like 70 episodes, and I've never seen or heard of anything in that section of the anime.

      The only thing that hit me was that Chiaki was not real. I think after that my brain shut everything else out because my waifu was dead and fake.

      I will play DR2, but again I've seen it recently, and now I have other stuff to play that I have more priority for. Did Mikan really have a weird moment like that? I never noticed.
    20. Xionea
      It's for 100%. If I only bothered to do one route, I would have been done after about 30 hours, but that's only 45%~ of the game. 6 chapters for UDG makes sense, one for each Warrior of Hope, then a final chapter with Junko or something. Was Genocide Jack the easy mode? I'm going through the Normal one. I don't want the game to be too easy, but I don't want it to be too hard either. There is a WiiU+XCX bundle, but I don't know if it's been officially announced in the US yet.

      I watched The Fresh Prince of Bel-air when I was really young, but that's the only "adult" show I really cared for. Current me loves ecchi and harem anime! When I first found out about it, I was so happy that such a glorious genre existed! Well, Eeyore is an exception, I don't like him that much either. Although he did have one scene in an episode that made me laugh when I was watching them with my ex.

      Apparently. The image I saw could have been edited, but for all I care, they're light blue in English games (pretty sure it was the Final Mix version as well). I don't like Larxene though. She was soooo hard to beat in CoM back when I was a kid. I got grudges against her because of that. You'll learn the awesomeness of Xion one day, son

      It'd be an awful way to die, but it'd be such a dramatic death that would hit the hearts of millions right in the feels. They could always bring the team back for a NnK2, you never know. Miracles can happen.
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