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  • Thats awesome to hear. BW rng is a cake walk compared to 4th gen so I would definitely recommend it. I can definitely let you know what I have to offer however I switched internet providers to comcast so I have not been able to connect to wifi. But ill see if I can fix that.
    Hey man Baseball is going great; the highschool season just started up. I haven't rngd in awhile but I still have everything on my Black cartridge and or Diamond. How are things with you?
    no, we done that befor on TS 1, but uit went way outta control and ranks meant almost nothing at that point
    Yeah you can get points from PO, PS, and Wifi. as long as the 2 that were in the battle confirm the winner.
    None yet unfortunately. apparently no phone can yet support the flash needed for the gauges and animations capacity with the current affordable processor :/
    Glad you like it :D

    I use Photoshop,and its something you cant really explain how to do without an essays amount of text XD

    Its my duty to Please the members of team sky of course! though it was a pretty long night -.-
    That was one hectic Night XD anyways here is your badge :D

    im just about ready to connect. quick question though, did you want to use the Xat to Chat while we Battle? cuz thats one other big reason why we use it
    Yes, but its mostly used as a way to Decide things for a clan sort of like a conference area. we use our PO Channel to Chat it up its call "Team Sky'
    Welcome Void! Glad to Have you :D

    If you are interested in becoming a gym leader or E4 for our league, you should tell Viker :)
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