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  • I agree about stocking up on Dittos!

    That was my strategy until I was finally able to arrange a trade for a 6 IV one.
    Now I breed with that Ditto and wait for the Nature I want.

    Oh, I saw a post recently from Varanus K???
    I can't remember how to spell her second name.

    If you don't mind a cloned Ditto you might approach her about a 6 IV one.
    Explain that you new to breeding. See what she wants.

    I trust her. She has made generous offers in one of the threads I follow to folks starting out.

    She's a grad student so I don't know if she'll have the time.

    I'd post a link to her trade thread but I'm using my phone instead of my laptop
    Your very welcome!

    You don't necessarily have to catch another Ditto.
    Even with Destiny Knot there is one random IV.
    But the amount of work is probably 6 of 1 and half dozen of the other.
    Question 1
    If you don't use an Everstone you'll get random natures.
    The Everstone is the ONLY way to pass down a nature.

    Question 2
    Yes I mean the Judge in the Battle Resort.

    The calculators will give you all the IVs not just the perfect or nil ones.
    If you want to use calculator you can cheat...
    Don't save between collecting eggs.
    You can only choose 1 or 2 offspring
    Go to Lumiose Battle Institute
    Choose the offspring you think has the best IVs to be in the party but not the lead.
    Enter a battle. The offspring will be auto levelled up to 50.
    You can check the IVs while your other Pokemon is in the battle.
    As soon as you know them you can either finish the battle and leaving if you like the IVs
    or soft re-setting if you don't.
    It's been awhile since I've it this way and I have a feeling I'm forgetting something in there.

    The other option is to not save and keep them in your party level them up to 50 (you can use also use rare candie here if you have a whole lot). The issue here is you have earned EVs and you Pokemon is at level 50 or so.
    Use an online calculator
    Then keep them if there's a good one or soft reset if not.
    What your going to do is give the Destiny Knot to one parent.
    That way you'll pass down 5 IVs (from both parents).

    If you catch an Adamant second parent you'll give it an Everstone.
    If you don't you'll wait until you hatch one that's Adamant.

    You'll hatch eggs. Check the IVs of the offspring with the either a calculator or the IV checker. If one of the Offspring has more or better IVs you use it to replace a parent in Daycare.

    I would use the IV checker becuase it's faster and you want 31's in your competitive Scizor.

    You will keep replacing the parents in Daycare with offspring that have the better IVs.
    So the Ditto and your starting Scizor may not be the parents that actually give you the pokemon you want.
    It may be their great grandchildren.

    I also save as soon as I put a parent in Daycare.
    Collect 5 eggs. Hatch them. Check them.
    If none are better than the parents I soft reset.
    I then refuse the first egg after the soft reset, it'll be the same as before.
    SAVE again. Then repeat.
    This way I'm not filling up my boxes (which I tend to do any way) with un wanted Pokemon.
    Did you want to catch both parents yourself?

    Dittos just make it easier and faster esp a 6 IV one.

    What friend safaris do you have access to? Your going to need to find out what Egg Group Scizor is in.
    Check here:

    Or do you can use DexNav to catch a second parent preferably one with 3 exclamations of potential.

    Since Technician is not a hidden ability you don't have to worry so much about it.
    If your one of the parents has it that will make things faster.

    So next step is get a second parent.
    In resoponse to How to get an Adamant Scyther with 31/31/31/x/31/31 IVs

    Who is your second parent?
    What is the second parent's IVs and Nature?

    Do you care about ability on your competitive Scyther?
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