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  • Hey, Volteon! I hadn't logged onto the forums in a while, but I'm back for now. Lol I'm just wanting to make contact with everyone I made friends with before and catch up and see if anyone even remembers me. Hahah I hope you've been well, and hope to hear back from you. :)

    P.S. I guess I'm just using the same generic message to everyone I'm writing too. :p I don't mean it to be rude, it's just that there are a lot of people to catch up with.
    I DON'T SEE THE PICTURRREEEE SOMETHING IS WRONG. But yesss I remembered. I don't remember why though. I'd say you hated/feared horses in general (I seem to recall something like that), but CHARLIE THE UNICORN. YES, I DID WATCH IT IN THE END I DIIIIIIIDDD.

    I do those things too <D I hate making websites though >> I'm more a game programmer BD Well, studying to be one.

    IT'S OKAY, AS LONG AS HO-OH WONNNNN. Next time, you'll be there to help vote it though >> LOLOLOL WHAT. People have never had common sense to begin with FFFFF WHERE'S THE ROCK YOU'VE BEEN LIVING UNDER I WANT A PLACE THERE. It's true things've changed though. But in five or so years, that's kind of inevitable 8C BUT I DUN CURR THERE'S STILL THE RPG SECTION >BD

    WHAT. NO, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Jolteon is a lot cooler than Scraggy and Scrafty combined D8< NNNNGH. What made you change your mind?

    Well that's good 8D Maybe now we can battle sometimeeeeee. Even if I suck at battling competitively. I think. I dunno, haven't done that in... four years? And even back then I rarely battled >> But now it's like there are all these attacks and Abilities I've never even heard of and aaaaa. I want to use my Staraptor somewhere though. She's the most beautiful and perfect thing in the world ever (After Ho-Oh) <3<3 She has 31 IVs in HP, ATT and Defense (IIRC, not sure about defense, but it was high) and like 29 in Speed and I DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO BREED A GOOD ONE SHE WAS JUST THAT GOOD TO BEGIN WITH. Her Sp.Def's not that good though, I think. And I mean, I know a lot of folks have Pokémon which have like 31 in ~everything~ but **** 'em. I love my Staraptor <3

    Yesss, Japan. Or Korea. Either works, though I can speak/understand Japanese, but not Korean (I'm learning though) |D BUT YES YOU SHOULD COME VISIT ME THERE... ONCE I'M THERE.

    I loved the Owls too 8< They were a lot cuter and ahh
    A'ight, you got the capital P right. THAT'S ONE. C'MON, SO MANY MORE TO GO NOW, DO ET FAGGETTTT. D8< No it didn't have an official nameeee, (I always complained to you about it too, poor thing >>), buttt there was a nonsensial word beginning with "p" and ending in an "a" you used to call it, at least |D Remember that? I do because it was funny. Charizard? ... Hm, I guess you hated that one too. BUT PONYTA/RAPIDASH, MAN, PONYTA/RAPIDASH. You better get 'em birds right now >8O

    I was so ready to kill you for that Ditto comment, but then I read on and ffffff you're playing with your life man.

    Hotmail IS crap >> My account there got killed too so eeeeeeeehhh. Gmail then? MKAY I'll remember that. You won't disappear a second time Bo Or third or... whatever. MEAN LOOK.

    WAIT YOU ALREADY GOT THE BIRDS RIGHT **** YOU WHY CAN'T YOU REPLY ALL ORGANIZED. But alright, you're starting to be convincing Bo Cellphone? I could never write **** with my cellphone >> But then, my cellphone is crap. I have a non-crappy cellphone too though, but I'm too lazy to take it outta its packaging |D It's been there for two months nowwwww.

    Wondering if I should kill you for that country thing...


    I'm on my second year of College now BD I rock. I programmed a robottt... made of legos >> But STILL A ROBOT. We can conguer the world with 'em. Yes. conguer. With a g. For reasons. Congrats for graduatinggg anyway. Oh! Oh, oh, I'm planning to somewhere as an exchange student next year. Korea or Japan most likely, if I can. OH AND I MADE HO-OH WIN A FACE-OFF. BWAHAHAHA. It had like 200 Hp when the last Pokémon died BD Just like the good old daayysss. But yeah, good to see you mannnn. It's been so long.

    Now where's that soul of yours you were supposed to hand over.
    omg you're back!

    I know we've never talked but I really used to admire you when I was newer here and I remember you used to help me out in the 4th Gen Help Thread, iirc.

    You need to pay me so much. Your soul will do for starters though. B>

    Yeah, I was away for some years myself so that's why they were recent. I just got back like uh... like a year ago. Like a year and a month and like ahhhhh.

    Nnngh but srsly. How have you been? AND YOU AREN'T PLANNING ON DISAPPEARING AGAIN ARE YOU?! If you are, at least gimme another email or smthng first so I can stalk talk to you. D8< And get yourself an avatar BO! You need one to officialize your stay. AND YES THAT'S A WORD SHADDAP.

    But yeah, **** you, you need to take better care of your e-mail D8< Now someone random who stole it is gonna read my mail and be all "ha-ha, GH's worried."

    ... Wait, how do I know you aren't really that someone random who just stole your account using your e-mail? D8< \paranoia. I NEED PROOF. Quick, how old am I, what did you call your pet turtle (it started with a p and wasn't a real word), how did we used to spell "pizza" (there was one major difference to the normal spelling BO), which fire type did you dislike no matter what, name two bird Pokémon you disliked (D8<)... um... which subject's teacher did you say was an evil witch that replaced someone who got fired, what was the nationality of that one girl in your class we talked about a lot aaaand... what was the deal with me and Ditto *puts on teacher glasses* Now answer 'em so I can rest easy BO
    Due to the long period of time, there could be so much I could tell you.

    I have been taking classes for a biology major. One of my ideas of a job is help protecting frogs.

    Anything you want to talk about at any time is fine by me.
    I just sent you email. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I HAVEN'T DONE THAT BEFORE SRSLY IT NEVER CROSSED MY MIND. Except I think I did send you something... way back. You didn't reply though D8< You better do so this time. I'm waiting. You're probably asleep by now because timezones, but when you wake up...
    NO BUT SERIOUSLY. I read through some of our old conversations, and man, I just hope you're alright. I don't know what that sucky IRL stuff you mentioned is, but you're gonna get through it, a'ight? A'IGHT?! D8< You better. You know what, imma spam up your VMs even more from now on. Just in case you come and check 'em still.
    You know what, I decided to charge you $1 for each day you've been gone. Guess how rich I'd be right now. Now, you don't want me to get too rich, do you? I'll become an even worse SoB than I am now. C'mon, come back.
    I was reading an old thread BM linked me to and just... I hope everything works out for you D> And that you come back. 'Cause you need to come back. And you need to do it yesterday, man.
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