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  • I'm doing great! =D I haven't been around the Face-Offs much anymore, but I'll still see about participating more. Any Face-Offs I should see in particular?
    Well, don't know much to say. It's always been a pleasure to have you as a friend. Maybe we can be trade buddies. I am not much of a battling person; I'm a pacifist. XD
    Ah well that may have been due to me taking awhile to respond, but you can always blame the forums for any lags and delays instead xD
    Ok but dont expect too much as I'm a beginner in competitive battling but I'll try to give my best, I mean I will give you my best.
    Hey hows it going? I'm still training my team and I have one more poke to breed, taking longer than expected especially with my school work and stuff
    Well when you say it like that, how can I say no? ;D
    And you've been very helpful to me in the past, so sure thing!

    *accepts request*

    Thanks ;]
    Yeah, lol, I've thought about opening another shop. And then I remembered, when I had one, all I was ever doing when I logged onto the forum was tending to it. Visiting SPPF became more like a job.

    Now it's all fine and dandy.

    I think recall animating chao sprites together for ya while I had my shop, lol. A Jolteon one specifically comes to mind(who'd have thought).

    Ya know, with all these upgrades, I find myself chatting with a lot of old and new friends. Woo hoo! *huggles*

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