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  • I'm in the process of reading your fanfic right now, and I gotta say even though I'm not a big fan of fanfics in general, yours is pretty well done! Keep it up! :)
    Yes, my one and only fanfiction is in my signature now. I originally planned to discontinue it but I've decided to keep going with it for a bit longer and see where it goes. It's on a hiatus while I sort some things out.

    Currently, I am around 25% through the eigth chapter of the fic. It should be finished by the end of this week, but I have school Thursday and Friday so things may be slow.

    I'll post in some updates for anyone that cares.

    Also, I have two other projects planned (one Pokemon and one Golden Sun) but I won't start on those until later.
    Really? Well, consider it a token of online friendship!

    You ought to be a bit more bold about yourself. I mean, literally anyone could write you an incredible review! Please put your links up! I guarantee you that there will be a fangirl somewhere that's going to go gaga over your works! Not to mention, it seems that you've already gotten a very healthy amount of reviews already!

    Go ahead and put it in your signature! I'm all up for it!
    In regards to my works of fiction to anyone who is concerned/interested; I'm currently going through a sort of confidence crisis when it comes to my work so I decided to put the fic on hiatus until I work some confidence back up. I also planned to make a revised version but that project is current going no where.

    Until I can get things up and running again, I'm leaving it out of my sig. If anyone's interested, I will put the link here:


    The story is still up, so it should be there.
    Hey, VoltTacklingPika? Why don't you put some of your fiction stuff in your signatures so more people can see them? I'm trying to figure our where your stuff is!
    If there were more new guys like you pouring into the animé section, it would certainly be a better place.
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