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Sep 23, 2014
Aug 6, 2008
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vtommy1 was last seen:
Sep 23, 2014
    1. Osrow
      Hi there, I'm a new member, can you help me?

      Funny. It still sucks here.
    2. shiniesrock
      just asked cuz Tyr was talking about gamestop
    3. shiniesrock
      just is random person and every1 I have talked to that got one, they are all jolly. Guess because of volt tackle being a physical attack and not special.
    4. Escheria
      There's always an option of trading ^_^
    5. shiniesrock
      Hey did u get the event shiny pichu? I got 3 of them and they are
      all jolly WTF. Are they set natures like vgc milotics or something?
    6. Escheria
      My nearest GameStop is also a few kilometers away, lol. But I'll go to the city more often once I'm back to uni, so I'll have to travel that distance anyway... And the GameStop we have is useless to begin with, bleh, no events whatsoever.
    7. Escheria

      But heyyy, then you have a Pika coloured Picha =DDD
    8. Escheria
      I am one step closer towards getting my US version of the game, I finally found somebody to pick up my game. I'll also get the Lugia figure that way too ^0^

      Say, from which CH region are you? o.o I just wonder whether we live close or not.
      I saw a kid today in a bus who had DS in his hand with Pokemon Emerald, lol. It's funny that only pokemon games have coloured carts, and they're easily distinguishable too XD.
    9. Escheria
      Yeah, it sucks that the versions are different >.< I'd buy US version anyhow, as in UK the game costs a LOT
    10. Escheria
      Brits have European version. All EUR languages are under EU flag, just different languages. US is different o_o
    11. Escheria
      British? Hell NO. It costs twice as much and lacks Game Corner, one of my favourite places in pokemon games ;P

      I'll see what can I possibly do to get US version of it.
    12. Escheria
      I also totally wanna US version of SoulSilver.. I don't want a german game >.<.

      Oh and congratulate me on RNGing a shiny Ditto.... twice XD. First time it escaped with Teleport (how stupid of me) but after a single try i got a new one and caught it ^_^
    13. Escheria
      Here cool mangas are practically nonexistent. Comix Shop at Basel almost never updates it's stuff to cool things like Hetalia >.<

      And I don't have an account on neither. How about MSN instead? Just check my profile for it and add, it's the messenger i'm most often on.
    14. Escheria
      Way to go, fans! <33

      I totally want Hetalia manga O_O; I'll ask a friend to import it from Japan ;P
    15. Escheria
      Oh, lol, I thought FUNimation refused to do the dub, apparently it's not the case anymore.
    16. Escheria
      Emu isn't hard to use, lol.
      And the link you gave me doesn't work O_O; How about telling me what was there ;P
    17. (s.i.e)
      welcome to the Pokemon Platinum Group vtommy1.
    18. Escheria
      Emulator + ROM = no money, but illegal.
      Virtual Console on Wii => only first PW game for 1000 Wii points
    19. Escheria
      I greatly advise you to play the games, especially since they're oerfectly emulated by NO$GBA (including things like blowing into mic, but you'll ask me or google how to enable that).
      I mean, OBJECTION!!! Is awesome <3
      As a small teaser, look at this:
    20. Escheria
      Say, what do you think of Ace Attorney series?
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