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  • alright. great. thanks. ill update you soon. I will start on it already.

    (do you like this eevee? Careful #133 Eevee: 31 / 30 - 31 / 20 - 31 / 10 - 31 / 10 - 29 / 30 – 31, Hidden Power Fire, 57.? This is an SRed Eevee by me from Bebe at Hearthome City awhile back. I have SRed for a good one for a long time, and this was the best I got.)
    I will do my best by sunday. I do not have much homework for the weekend and not yet very busy at work, so i have something to do when I am bored. Its not yet finals week for me anyways, so I can get this done during the weekend. I will keep you posted. early thanks for the ambipom. =) later!
    i am home now. and able to trade. I can wait on wifi for the next 30 minutes. hope to see you there.
    uhm i cant right now. im at work. hehe
    i will be out in about 4 1/2 hours...will i see you here by then?
    clone is fine...
    if you can give a list of what eved you have i can take a look. you can send it via pm.

    I can get the pokemon to train later on, let me know when you can...
    I am not going to be very particular for what i want. whatever good poke you can offer, i will highly consider... I can trade tonight, after say 5 1/2 hours from right now?
    would you happen to have any of these?

    GIRATINA: high-perfect IVs in HP, Def and SpDef.

    CRESSELIA: modest or timid, high-perfect IVs.

    KYOGRE: modest or timid, high-perfect IVs in spatk and speed.

    LUGIA: bold or timid, high-perfect IVs in hp, def, spdef, spatk and speed.

    when can you trade?
    alright, so what is it? what do you want me to train for you? If I am to do it, I can trade tomorrow night (Thursday my local time), and trade it back to you by the weekend at the earliest. Let me know how you want things done and if it is ok with you.
    sorry i forgot about it (note to self breed painsplit duskuls for a male) can we trade another time i am so so so so so so so so so sorry
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